Will ’24 takes the stage as Fritz in The Nutcracker Ballet, a traditional presentation of the show

Will’s dancing has come full circle as he returns to the place where he began about four years ago. Following a trip to Popejoy with his family to see this very production, Will inquired as to how he, too, could be part of the show! He started lessons at La Mesa Dance Academy and was cast as a “party boy” and a “mouse”  for his first show. He has gradually worked his way up, and this year he appears as “Fritz” and a “rat.”

About being in The Nutcracker Ballet, Will said, “It’s fun but it’s a lot of work. I’ve had a good time doing it.”

Congratulations, Will!

The Nutcracker Ballet at Popejoy Hall is performed by the New Mexico Ballet Company and NM Philharmonic.
December 1–2 @ UNM’s Popejoy Hall
2 pm: Saturday & Sunday
7 pm: Saturday
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