8th Graders Visit Albuquerque’s Oldest Neighborhood

The 8th grade team organized a field trip last Thursday to the oldest neighborhood in Albuquerque—Barelas. This trip connects student inquiry projects with the outside community. Bosque 8th graders have been asking how identity shapes their research. In Barelas, they reflected on how place shapes our identity.

Students heard the local histories about the community from Gene Baca (owner of Bueno Foods), docents from the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Ron Romero and Chuy Martinez from Casa Barelas, local youth from the Working Classroom, and Bosque's own Al'Nair Lara regarding murals he has created with community members from the neighborhood.

One theme that organically emerged throughout the day was the idea of what visitors can bring and should not bring to a community. Also, if/when they leave, what can they leave behind and what should they NOT leave behind.

Next up, students will be interviewing members of the greater Albuquerque area in the annual Living Library project to continue learning from sources outside the internet world of this “i-generation.”