Advocating for Human Rights Across Borders

As part of their Seminario de español study into human rights issues, students researched violations of human rights in various Latin American countries through the Amnesty International web page. Students also wrote letters, in Spanish, to the authorities in Venezuela and Nicaragua, advocating for the people whose rights have been violated.

In his letter, Rohin ’19 stressed the importance of the people's voice. “Es muy importante que el gobierno, en cualquier país, de a la población el derecho de expresar su voz.” This translates: “It’s very important for a government, in any country, to give its citizens the right to express their voice.”

Natalie ’19, who also wrote a letter, said of the project, “Escribir estas cartas ha sido un proyecto muy impactante par mi. Hacer conexiones entre ciudadanos en un nivel internacional es una experiencia poderosa. Es importante tener cooperación global cuando enfrentamos problemas de las violaciones de derechos humanos.” (“Writing these cards has been a very impactful project for me. Making connections between citizens on an international level is a very powerful experience. It’s important to have global cooperation when confronting issues of human rights violations.”)