Professional Development Day at Bosque

Faculty and staff engaged in a day of professional development last week that provided an opportunity for the school’s teachers and leaders to grow, learn, stay current with best practices, and try new things with the ultimate goal of being able to offer students a learning experience that allows them to grow into their capacity as thinkers, artists, and citizens.

As Sheryl Chard, Director of the Sofia Center for Professional Development said in her recent blog piece about Bosque’s commitment to professional development, “What differentiates Bosque, though, goes beyond meaningful integration of the learning that happens at conferences; what sets it apart is the school’s support for embedded professional learning throughout the year.”

Friday’s session was the first of three all-school professional development days planned for the year and consisted of a Design : Build : Share project that set the stage and offered tools for teachers to refine something from their practice to align more fully with the school’s academic mission. An afternoon session for the entire faculty and staff with Dr. Finnie Coleman, Associate Professor, American Literary Studies at the University of New Mexico, focused on the art of challenging implicit bias and the science of negotiating entitlement.  

“When designing these professional development days, our goal is to create the energy and impact of a small conference right here on our campus, offering the opportunity to stay current with best practices, deepen pedagogical expertise, and learn from one another,” said Sheryl in her blog.