Bella, Class of 2018, Spends Semester in Ireland

Since graduation in May, Bella Deloach, Class of 2018, has been on a whirlwind journey of learning. This past summer, she spent a month in Lander, Wyoming, taking a course for both her Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) license and wilderness first-responder license through the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), which she said was, “one of the most amazing experiences ever! Although taking a course that's supposed to be a semester-long in only a month was pretty stressful, it was so much fun to learn emergency and wilderness medicine in such a beautiful place!”

For her first semester of college at Northeastern University in Boston, Bella chose to participate in the NU program that sends first semester freshmen from all schools and departments abroad, so she has been attending classes in Dublin at Dublin City University (DCU).

Bella reflects on this experience, “As a city, Dublin is seeing a huge amount of change culturally in a very short time, which is extremely interesting for me as an International Relations major. I’ve also become involved in service at my host institution, so I’m currently working with the Age Friendly Initiative at DCU, which is the head office for a network of international universities and European Union bodies working towards making education more accessible to students of all ages and non-traditional students. This has been an amazing experience in international management for me, and the people I work with are amazing!”

“Seeing the impacts of Brexit firsthand in Ireland and Northern Ireland have been eye opening, so much so that I think I’d like to come back to the island and do research on the impacts in the future!”

“I’ve also been able to travel from Ireland; currently I’m in Brussels, Belgium, and will be heading to Budapest and Vienna for my fall break. The experiences I’ve been able to have in the short time I’ve been here are absolutely amazing, and I can’t wait to get back to Boston in the spring and begin my International Relations studies.”