Travis Davis, Class of 2006

In his days since graduating with Bosque’s Class of 2006, Travis has spent a great deal of time teaching and substitute teaching with independent schools. Most recently, he spoke to a group of  children at Manzano Day School about disabilities.

Travis, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy after birth, plans to start a consulting company specializing in speaking to schools and youth organizations about ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) issues, allowing children the opportunity to ask questions. While Travis was attending Bosque School, he began volunteering with the Carrie Tingley Hospital and continues to this day..

In this TEDxABQ Talk from 2015, Travis shares his experience in school as a student with a disability, how his experience in the classroom evolved as he went from a student to a teacher, and his desire to raise awareness of the issue in the classroom. “We all have disabilities…sometimes it’s just not as apparent as a physical one,” he said.

Travis holds a BA in English from Azusa Pacific University, an MS in Physical Education from UNM, and he recently became a Certified ADA Coordinator though the University of Missouri.