Shark Sighting

One of the most notable remarks from ABC’s Shark Tank is “And for that reason, I’m out.” The sharks in Bosque’s Shark Tank weren’t quite so direct, but they added valuable context and questions to the students’ proposed businesses. From “Jesus Pans” to “Virtual Reality Clubs” and “Vintage Clothing,” students in two classes created startup businesses using microeconomics concepts and the business model canvas.

For the past few weeks, Ms. Moore’s Economics’ students have been working on an inquiry project in entrepreneurship to bring some life to microeconomics concepts.  The students were so excited about the project and convinced Ms. Moore to add depth to the project with a real “Shark Tank” atmosphere and judges. The student teams presented their business ideas to a panel of judges:
  • John Chavez, Bosque parent and President of the New Mexico Angels; Managing Director of Phase One Ventures, a start-up fund out of  Santa Fe, NM; and Managing Director of New Mexico Start-Up Factory I and II. Mr. Chavez is also the President of Tafoya and Brainerd Partners LLC
  • Chris Barr, Bosque’s Study Skills Advisor, faculty member, and former business owner and entrepreneur
  • Michele Dressler, Bosque parent and General Manager at the Holiday Inn Express Albuquerque North
  • Marisa Gay, Bosque’s Director of Communications, Marketing, and Alumni Relations; Startup Teen Advisor
  • Ron Brunett, V.P. of TLC Plumbing