Meet Bosque's New Head of School for 2019-2020

Dear Bosque School Community,
It is my great pleasure to announce that the Board of Trustees of Bosque School has selected Jessie Barrie to become our next head of school.  Effective July 1, 2019, this unanimous appointment comes with the whole-hearted support of our Bosque School Head Search Committee. We chose Jessie from an international pool of candidates after a very thorough search process in which all of our community’s constituencies were engaged. In Jessie, we have found a vibrant educator who possesses the creativity, commitment and vision to build on the legacy of energetic leadership that has always defined Bosque School.
Jessie currently serves as a Lead Academic Chair and Central Leadership Team Member at Albuquerque Academy. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Jessie earned her undergraduate degree from Acadia University before earning several graduate degrees at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Her Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Organizations from UCSB focused on research about the effects of outdoor education on adolescent girls’ inner motivational resources. During her tenure at Albuquerque Academy, Jessie emerged as a nationally and internationally recognized leader in crisis management and experiential education. Her interests include horseback riding, alpine and backcountry skiing, playing tennis, and traveling internationally.  We are also pleased to welcome Jessie’s husband, Khris, a software engineer, and their three children.

Jessie’s ability to develop lasting connections with students, colleagues, parents, alumni and board members is among her strongest assets. As one Bosque School parent observed after meeting Jessie, “She has the educational vision, commitment, energy, approachability, awareness, and a no-nonsense level with such compassion, great listening skills and respectfulness that will challenge our community to be our best no matter our role and she will give us her very best for the good of our students.”  I could not agree more with this sentiment.
In accepting her appointment, Jessie said:
I could not be more honored and delighted to be joining the Bosque family this coming summer. My two-day visit deeply validated what I hoped I would experience at the school.  I left campus so inspired by the growth mindset I witnessed and filled with excitement at the prospect of working in partnership with students, faculty, staff, parents, board members, and local allies who are committed to challenging education in all the right ways. I am amazed by all that Bosque has accomplished in its relatively short history and see so many thrilling possibilities ahead to further expand the opportunities and value provided by the school.
I have spent my entire career working to support and advocate for the type of teaching and learning that Bosque is so bravely pursuing.  The Bosque education is student-centered, relevant, and challenging, with faculty connecting learning to real-world questions and problems. This approach helps students engage their passions and taps their intrinsic motivation for learning and growth. It also prepares them to thrive in a future that will be defined by complexity, collaboration, creativity, and change. The world needs schools like Bosque.
What solidified my commitment to a career in independent schools twenty years ago was the magic of being a part of such a strong and powerful community. Bosque’s warmth and inclusiveness radiates and was apparent to me in every corner of the campus and in every interaction I witnessed between students and adults. I look forward to fostering the deep relationships that are foundational to transformative education and that bring me my greatest sense of personal and professional satisfaction.  I also consider it a great privilege to join your work to support the community beyond campus. Bosque truly is a private school with a public purpose and I am overjoyed to lead a school whose values are so perfectly aligned with my own, within the city I love.
I am so eager to learn from and with all of you as I join you to explore and embrace the chapter ahead for Bosque School.
With deep gratitude and anticipation,
My sincere thanks are due to the members of the Head Search Committee as well as to the Board of Trustees. In addition, I would like to thank our consultants, Coreen Hester and Gene Bratek, for their wise counsel. Most importantly, I want to express my deep gratitude to our faculty, staff, administrators, students, parents, and alumni. What a wonderful community we have! Your deep insights into Bosque School’s past, present, and future were indispensable in helping us identify the kind of individual we need.
I am confident that Jessie is the right leader for our school’s next chapter, just as I am optimistic that our entire community will thrive in the years to come.  Please join me in welcoming Jessie and her family.
Santana Macias Fontana
Bosque School Board of Trustees
Head of School Search Committee, Chair