Austin '25 Wins Photography Honors at State Fair

Austin ’25 wowed judges at this year’s State Fair, winning Best of Show, 1st, and 2nd place in Photography. “I love to see animals in the wild,” expressed Austin. “They tell a story, and if you watch them long enough you learn a lot about their behavior.  My dad is a wildlife photographer and he takes me along when I’m not in school.” Austin became interested in photography while watching his dad at work, borrowing equipment and exploring on his own. He also took an introductory class at Bosque Summer this past June where he learned more about composition and editing. Austin’s winning photos were taken while traveling with family through Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. “I used a Canon 5D Markiii with a 70-200mm lens,” continued Austin. “Luck is what inspires the photo. You’re lucky if you get the chance to see and photograph animals.”