1/27 Returning to Hybrid Next Week

Dear Bosque Students, Parents, and Guardians,

After eleven weeks, we are so thrilled to be welcoming the heart and soul of Bosque back to campus next week as we pivot back to the hybrid model of teaching, learning, and community. 

This email is full of important details to be aware of in preparation for that pivot so please make the time to carefully review it. 

Dates to Remember
  • Monday, February 1: First day in-person for cohort A students
  • Thursday, February 4: First day in-person for cohort B students

  1. Reorient yourself to the daily hybrid schedule (which is different from the remote schedule)
  2. Ensure your School Wellness Screener App is active and remind yourself of its use. (Instructions for families who have not yet set up a screening account can be found here).  
  3. If you need reminders about our daily procedures and COVID safe practices (or if your child will be starting hybrid for the first time, please watch this video).
  4. If your child needs to ride the bus to/from school, get details here and sign up.
  5. Lunch service with Rhubarb and Elliott will start on February 1. Click here for how to order lunch. 
  6. Review and recommit to the Bosque COVID community commitment pledge and ensure that you are continuing to wear masks and practice social distancing both on and off-campus. 
  7. We would be grateful for any feedback you have that could inform the highest quality experience for your child the remainder of the year on this survey

Important Updates and Reminders 
  • Students will be spending time outdoors for lunch and classes. Please make sure they arrive at school each day with the clothing and layers needed to do this comfortably (hats, mitts, coats, etc.). They are also encouraged to bring a small camp chair or foam pad for outdoor time to insulate them from the ground. 
  • Middle School Aftercare will start again on February 1 and run Mon/Tues/Thurs/Fri  3:35-6:00 pm in Budagher Hall. To pick up your child, park at the north drive-thru lane and call us at 898-6388. We will check out your child and send them to your vehicle. Aftercare will cost $8.25 per hour and will be invoiced monthly to families. Questions can be directed to Zach Lang. There will be NO Aftercare services on Wednesdays due to students being in remote Wellness Wednesday programming. 
  • 6th period PE for upper school students will commence in February. Details will be sent via email to students.
  • It is critical that you keep Nurse Justine informed of any possible COVID exposures/cases in your family or household within the last three weeks and moving forward. By doing this, she can provide guidance and potential contact tracing support. A NMDOH form will need to be completed and approved by Nurse Justine prior to a student’s return to campus after exposure or illness.
  • Out of State Travel: If your child has traveled out of state after January 17, or will travel out of state at any point forward, they will need to shift into remote teaching and learning until they complete the state-mandated 14-day self-quarantine. Please reach out to their Division Head if this will apply to you. 
  • Future requests to transition from remote to hybrid learning need to be made at least one week in advance of the anticipated first day on campus in an email to your child's Division Head. 
  • Athletic updates: 
    • Upper school fall sports begin Monday, February 22: Volleyball and Cross Country
    • Upper school winter and spring sports start dates are forthcoming.
    • All middle school sports dates are forthcoming.
  • Bosque staffulty will continue to participate in the NMPED’s surveillance testing program with 10% of our staffulty tested each week. We are exploring the possibility of starting student surveillance testing in the coming weeks. The goal of surveillance testing is to identify potentially asymptomatic cases and support lower positivity rates statewide. 
  • Mark your calendars for rescheduled picture days on Monday, March 8 for cohort A and Thursday, March 11 for cohort B. Details will be sent via email in the coming weeks.

Additional Resources
  • Preparing for Snow Delay/Closures: When a closure or delay is confirmed by Bosque administration, Bosque School’s website will be updated, phone calls, emails, and text messages (if parents and guardians have subscribed to text messages) will be sent to families, and local television networks will be notified. Opt-in to receive emergency texts by sending "Y" (or "yes"), via text message to '67587' (get more details here).
  • Bosque’s School’s Positive COVID Case Response Protocol 

Future Planning
I know many of you are wondering how yesterday’s announcement by the Governor, that in-person schooling across the state can resume as of February 8, will influence Bosque. We are waiting for updates to the Public Health Order for confirmation of how this will impact independent & private schools. The COVID Task Force will then discuss how to best respond to those updates, while maintaining an immediate focus on a smooth transition back to hybrid next week.

In Closing
We are counting the days to have our Bobcats back on campus and are feeling very optimistic for continual progress to better days ahead. Thank you for your continued partnership in helping maintain  COVID safe practices which support having our students on campus. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. 

With gratitude,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School