1/7 Pivot Plan Updates

Dear Bosque Students, Parents, and Guardians,
As we turn the page on a fresh new year, I hope you feel a deserved sense of accomplishment for navigating the challenges of 2020 and optimism for the future. While we are beginning to get glimpses of lights at the end of the tunnel of the past year, we still have a way to go and will need to continue to call on our resilience and fortitude to navigate the months ahead. Some important updates as we transition into our second semester:
Pivot Plan:
To ensure that we allow appropriate time to see how our state’s COVID trends may be impacted by recent holiday travel and gatherings and the potential impact of the new COVID strain, we have made the following adjustment to our pivot plan:
Note: All details above are subject to change based on evolving public health data and state directives.
NEW Required Opt-In Form for Remote Teaching and Learning:
We ask that ANY families who prefer that their child/ren remain in Model 3 (Remote Teaching and Learning) when we transition to hybrid to please use this NEW form to sign up each applicable child no later than Friday, January 22If you have more than one child at Bosque, please submit a form for each child you intend to keep in remote teaching and learning.
COVID Surveillance Testing:
Bosque staffulty will continue to participate in the NMPED’s surveillance testing program. Each week a minimum of 10% of our staffulty will be tested. The goal of this program is to identify potentially asymptomatic cases and support lower positivity rates statewide. We encourage you and your family to consider testing through the very easy-to-use, no-cost new mail-in VAULT testing (only requires a saliva sample). 
REMINDER to Keep Nurse Justine Informed About COVID Cases: 
Please continue to keep Nurse Justine informed of any possible COVID exposures/cases in your family or household. By doing this, she can provide guidance and potential contact tracing support as we approach our transition back to campus. You can find additional testing locations released by NMDOH here
TRAVEL After January 17:
A reminder that if you travel out of state, your child cannot be on campus for 14 days, per our current state guidelines (these have not been impacted by the recent change to the CDC travel guidelines). Any travel out of state ending after January 17, would impact your child not being able to start in-person learning Monday, February 1, if they are in cohort A, and ending after January 20 if they are in cohort B. If your child needs to stay in remote teaching and learning as they complete the 14 day self-quarantine, please reach out to their Division Head. 
Reminders of Important Resources:
In Closing: 
We will be counting the days until our Bobcats return to campus. Every day we can’t be with them in person is a loss for all of us, but we will continue to navigate this year with commitment to our community’s health and our mission and core values. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
With gratitude,
Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School