9/11 Preparing for a Return to Campus

Dear Parents & Guardians,
We are overjoyed to be welcoming our students back to campus next week for our pivot to Model 2: Hybrid. This shift requires some significant attention and preparation on all of our parts. Below you will find important information to review to ensure we have as smooth a transition back to campus as possible.
  • The hybrid model will have 50% of our student population having instruction time on campus, in-person, and 50% engaging with their academics remotely/from home (utilizing a variety of synchronous and asynchronous methods, based on the unique realities of each class). Students with the last names A-L will be assigned to the A cohort (on-campus Mon/Tues and remote Thurs/Fri) and students with the last names M-Z will be assigned to the B cohort (remote Mon/Tues and on-campus Thurs/Friday). Wednesdays will be devoted to remote Wellness Wednesday programming & campus deep cleaning between cohorts.  
  • Please watch this video as it provides a comprehensive overview of all of the new realities that will accompany our return to campus in the hybrid model next week. 
  • Complete any online school forms via the parent/student portals and submit all requested medical records to Nurse Jefferson in order for your child to return to campus. Your child will not be allowed to return to campus until all required forms have been submitted and both you AND your child have signed the COVID-19 Addendum to the Student & Family Handbook electronically via the parent/student portal (directions can be found here).
  • Carefully review the instructions on page 7 of the COVID-19 Addendum to the Student & Family Handbook for detailed maps and directions about coming on campus for screening each day, how to download and set up the School Wellness Screener app, and much more.
  • Parents/Guardians must stay in their car through the screening process, unless there is a specific administrative need otherwise. Parents/Guardians who walk their children to campus must wait with their child to be screened at the C or D stations. We are not permitting dogs on campus at this time to reduce contact touchpoints, so please DO NOT bring dogs to screening stations.
  • We expect that our first week of screening will take longer than usual. Please provide yourself extra time for drop off. Campus gates will not open until 7:40 am to support our screening procedures and ensure students transition directly to their first period class.
  • The hybrid model schedule will be followed by all students, whether they are on campus physically or learning remotely beginning 9/14. Further details are linked here.
    • If your child’s last name starts with A-L they will be on campus Mon/Tues and remote Thurs/Fri.
    • If your child’s last name starts with M-Z they will be remote Mon/Tues and on campus Thurs/Fri.
  • All students will be remote on Wednesdays for Wellness Wednesday programming & campus deep cleaning between cohorts.

  • A small handful of Bosque faculty, due to medical/personal situations, will continue to teach remotely. They will stream into their classrooms and actively engage with and be teaching their students. In these cases, an additional Bosque adult will be present with the students for the duration of the class. If your child has a remote teacher you will be notified by your Division Head and receive direct communication from their teacher.
  • You will be shifting to the daily hybrid schedule while you stay remote (see above). You should receive Zoom invites through Google classroom for all of your scheduled classes or Wellness Wednesday activities. Please reach out to your teachers with any specific questions.
  • LUNCH: Students must bring a cold lunch for the first two weeks of school on campus (9/14-9/25).  No microwaves will be available. Rhubarb and Elliott will offer lunch services beginning on 9/28. Rhubarb and Elliott have a new ordering system and new way to pay for lunches; all families need to set up a NEW lunch account. Read the flyer attached here for instructions on how to set up a lunch account, pre-order, receive a credit/refund from last year, etc.
  • WATER BOTTLES: Please have your child bring a water bottle to school each day; water fountains have been disabled to minimize the spread of germs.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL BEFORECARE: Beforecare is NOT available at this time. Please note that campus gates will not open until 7:40 am to support our screening procedures and students going directly to their first period class.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL AFTERCARE: Middle School Aftercare will start on Monday, September 14, 3:35 pm-6:00 pm in Budagher Hall. To pick up your child, park at the north drive-thru lane (same as Screening Station B on the map above) and call us at 898-6388. We will check out your child and send them to your vehicle. Aftercare will cost $8.25 per hour and will be invoiced monthly to families. There will be NO Aftercare services on Wednesdays due to students being in remote learning and the deep cleaning of campus occurring between cohorts.
    Upper school students staying on campus after school must report immediately to their designated after-school activity or to Budagher Hall (which will be supervised until 6:00 pm each day). If students cannot leave campus immediately after their after-school activity, they must report back to Budagher Hall. Upper school students who are waiting for athletic practices to begin must also report to Budagher Hall until their designated practice time.
  • BUS SERVICES DURING HYBRID MODEL: The bus program will begin on Monday, September 14, for a cost of $6/trip (ex. $12 cost if the bus is ridden to school in the morning and back in the afternoon after classes—families will be invoiced at the end of the month). Students can be added at any time to our bus program throughout the hybrid model. Sign up here to use the bus during the hybrid model. The bus drivers will follow the daily screening procedures at the bus stop: Parents/Guardians must stay at the bus stop until the driver has scanned the QR code from the School Wellness Screener App and verified the student’s temperature.
    • Nob Hill Route
      • Hyder Park: 700 Pershing Avenue SE, 87106 @ 7:15 am departure
      • Bataan Memorial Park: 748 Tulane Drive NE, 87106 @ 7:30 am departure
    • NE Heights Route
      • Hoffmantown Church: 8888 Harper Drive NE, 87111 @7:15 am departure
      • Lowes- 6200 Paseo Del Norte, 87113 @ 7:30 am departure
  • Effective September 4, 2020 the State of New Mexico travel guidelines and procedures have been updated to allow persons traveling to low-risk states to be exempt from the 14-day quarantine period. Those traveling to high-risk states (as identified by the New Mexico Department of Health) must quarantine for 14 days or show documentation of a valid negative COVID-19 test taken within the 72 hours before or after entry into New Mexico are exempt from the 14-day quarantine requirement. Please note, persons who have undergone a COVID-19 test shall self-isolate or self-quarantine while awaiting the results of their test. Please reference the State of New Mexico Department of Health website for the current list of high-risk states and more detailed information regarding state travel restrictions. 
  • Nurse Jefferson has organized a free family drive-thru flu shot clinic on September 24 from 11:00 am-4:30 pm (ages 6 months and older). Sign up for a time here. In lieu of payment, please bring non-perishable food to donate to those in need in our own Albuquerque community. Be sure to bring a signed consent form for each individual receiving a shot. 
As we pivot into a completely new model of teaching, learning, and community next week, it is guaranteed that there will be some bumps. We will be working tirelessly to smooth these out as quickly as we possibly can. I appreciate, in advance, your patience and grace as we embark on this transition. I will be eager for your feedback on how things are going. I will be hosting the next parent/guardian virtual meeting on Wednesday, September 30 from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm. Please email us for a link to attend.
Thank you for your commitment and belief in Bosque. I am so looking forward to welcoming our Bobcats home to campus. For those of you whose children will remain in remote learning, we are committed to doing everything we can to keep them challenged and connected. If at any point you would like to transition your child to the hybrid model, please email their Division Head.
Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.
With gratitude,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School