7/18 Answering Your Questions About Our Reentry Plan

Dear Bosque Parents and Guardians,
Thank you for reviewing our reopening plans and the three potential models we may implement to start our school year. We know how overwhelming all of this information is and we are grateful for the many questions included in your submissions to the reentry poll. To ensure that we use our time as effectively and efficiently as possible during the optional virtual Q&A sessions next Tuesday, July 21st, I ask that you watch this short video. It will provide answers to some of the most commonly submitted questions, show you where to find newly added FAQs, and help guide you to other questions you may be seeking answers for on our website. Please take some time, over the weekend, to carefully review each element of the reopening plan and three models, and then bring your lingering questions to next week’s Q&A sessions. 
OPTION TO IMMEDIATELY OPT INTO MODEL 3: REMOTE TEACHING & LEARNING: For parents who already know that due to specific circumstances, that IF we as a school elect to implement Model 1 (Full-time, In-Person Teaching, and Learning), or Model 2 (Hybrid Teaching and Learning), you would prefer for your child to engage in Model 3 (Remote Teaching and Learning), please use this form to sign up for this option. 
PARENT/GUARDIAN OPTIONAL VIRTUAL Q&As on 7/21: As a reminder, parents and guardians are invited to join me, Spree MacDonald (Upper School Division Head), Leslie O'Hanlon (Middle School Division Head), and Alyson Jefferson (School Nurse) for a virtual Q&A about our plans on Tuesday, July 21st in the morning or evening. We will record these sessions and later share them for parents and guardians who are not able to attend: 
  • 7/21 Morning Q&A Meeting: 9 am-10 am
  • 7/21 Evening Q&A Meeting: 6 pm-7 pm
Please email admin@bosqueschool.org or check your email for login information. I look forward to seeing many of you on Tuesday. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

With gratitude,
Jessie Barrie, PhD.
Head of School