6/26 Mid-Summer Check-In

Dear Parents and Guardians,
Yesterday morning I hosted the first of two optional summer virtual coffees for parents and guardians.  Over 30 people attended and we had a very robust conversation about the scenario planning work we are doing for the fall, our response to the NM Public Education Department Reentry Guidance, and the deep thinking and work I am engaging with regarding racial injustice and how Bosque can continue to grow in our initiatives and structures to equitably support all community members. We also made an introduction of our new school nurse, Alyson Jefferson, and emphasized the upcoming deadlines to submit your child’s medical forms. There were a lot of really good and thoughtful questions and I wanted to share the video of the presentation with all of you here
The three task forces (educational, risk management, financial) engaged in two weeks of deep-dive scenario planning work post-Memorial Day and will reconvene the week of July 6th to finalize our decisions, policies, and procedures regarding our reopening plan for the fall.  Please look for an email from me by mid-July sharing this information. In the meantime, I hope the video from today’s coffee is helpful. If you have any lingering questions after reviewing the video, please don’t hesitate to reach out.
The next optional summer PARENT/GUARDIAN VIRTUAL COFFEE will be held on Thursday 7/30 at 6-7 pm to ensure our working parents/guardians can attend
Please send your children my best wishes. I can’t wait to see them all back on campus.
All the best,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School