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We are committed to doing everything we reasonably can to mitigate risks in support of community health. This is critical to stop the spread of COVID-19, which is a requirement to support our second goal of maximizing in-person teaching, learning, and community. In order to do this we will: 

  1. Base Decisions in Data: 
  1. Take All Possible Measures to Prevent Communicable Spread: 
    • Periodic testing of staffulty may be conducted through the school year.
    • All staffulty and students will be required to submit a daily health screening form PRIOR to coming on campus each day and will have to show the results of that screening and have their temperature retaken prior to entering the building of their advisory location each morning. 
    • Everyone on campus will be required to wear COVID appropriate masks at all times, except during eating and drinking, per State orders and CDC guidelines. Students and staffulty will be provided with a Bosque branded mask. Additional masks will be available for purchase at the Schoolhouse front desk (and billed to the student’s account). COVID appropriate masks can also be brought from home. 
    • Social distancing protocols will be implemented including:
      • Reduced class sizes. The hybrid model will have 50% of our student population having instruction time on campus, in-person, and 50% engaging with their academics remotely/from home (utilizing a variety of synchronous and asynchronous methods, based on the unique realities of each class).  Students will be assigned to either the A cohort (on campus Mon/Tues and remote Thurs/Fri) or B cohort (remote Mon/Tues and on campus Thurs/Friday). Wednesdays will be devoted to remote Wellness Wednesday programming & campus deep cleaning between cohorts. 
      • Enhanced desk spacing.
      • Set traffic flow patterns through buildings with the use of external classroom doors for in/out traffic wherever possible to reduce internal congregation.
      • Locker access removed.
      • Common areas closed.
      • Use of outdoor spaces/classrooms encouraged.
      • Adherence to state-mandated group gathering guidelines.
    • In addition to Bosque's up-to-date ventilation system within buildings, airflow will be maximized through the use of open internal and external doors and windows (in classrooms and buildings), and the enhanced use of outside spaces.
    • Cleaning procedures will be enhanced including:
      • Hand sanitizer application upon entry and exit from all classrooms.
      • Disinfection of desks and high touch surfaces at the end of each class. 
      • Common areas cleaned throughout the day.
      • Bathrooms disinfected throughout the day.
      • Enhanced daily deep cleaning procedures completed by our licensed contractor,  including classrooms, common areas, door handles, bathrooms, and any other high touch areas.
    • Consistent and clear signage will be placed throughout the campus to reinforce good habits.
    • Consistent and clear education and reminders of handwashing, social distancing, and good hygiene procedures will be reinforced by staffulty.
    • Prior to getting on buses in the morning, students will have their temperature checked and must wear a mask for the duration of the ride.  
      • Parents will be required to stay with their child at the bus stop until these screening steps have been completed and their child has been cleared. 
    • Sick students and staffulty will be required to stay home and anyone displaying symptoms will be immediately isolated and sent home. Re-entry to school protocols will be clearly and consistently applied.
    • All non-essential visitors and volunteers will be restricted from campus until further notice, and all essential campus visitors (including parents/guardians and vendors) will be required to check in with front desk personnel, wear masks, and complete screening questions and a temperature check.
      • Parents/guardians should avoid exiting their vehicles during drop off/pick up unless they have an essential reason (such as signing in/out your child, dropping off something critical, a pre-arranged meeting, etc.) to be on campus, in which case, they will need to follow procedures above. 
    • High traffic areas (middle school and upper school front desks and the Business Office) will have plexiglass barriers installed. 
    • Dogs will not be permitted on campus due to high touch frequency and congregation likelihood. The only exception for this will be service dogs who have completed the formal process of on campus-approval and should not be touched by anyone but their approved handler. 
    • All staffulty, students, and family are asked to limit non-essential out of state travel and, if out of state travel is required, to follow the guidelines set forth by the New Mexico Department of Health regarding self-isolation. Do not come to campus if you should be in state-mandated/recommended self-isolation. 
  1. Promote Optimal Health:
    • Support the health and wellness of our community through thorough and thoughtful data collection [all medical records, physical exams, and up to date immunization records (or exemptions) obtained from families and comprehensively reviewed prior to the start of school and stored for all students].
    • Continued education and support for students and staffulty to build capacity for maintenance of physical and mental health.
  1. Collaborate and Support Our Community 
    • Provide flexible and creative ways for students who are unable to be on campus to authentically engage with their classes (utilizing a variety of synchronous and asynchronous methods, based on the unique realities of each class).
    • Provide an on-campus medical professional, a School Nurse, to work in partnership with students, staffulty, and families. School Nurse, Justine Gutierrez, RN, can be reached at
  • Confidential Fax: 505-391-2721 (ONLY for Doctor’s Offices to fax documents)
  • Assist with student re-entry to Bosque campus community