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Findlay Society


In the fall of 2019, Bosque School created the Findlay Society, named for our school’s founder, Dr. Peggie Ann Findlay. Through the Findlay Society, we recognize and honor Peggie’s transformative vision and impact on over 1,500 students. Annual membership into the Findlay Society begins with a gift of $1,994 to honor the year Bosque School was founded. 

As a Findlay Society member, you demonstrate your belief in Bosque School, its mission, and the promise of every student—current and future. Through your investment, Bosque will further manifest our mission “To create transformative learning experiences that empower a diverse community of students to lead lives of intellectual curiosity, personal integrity, and compassionate contribution to a more just world.”


As a current Bosque School family, you may wonder why we would also donate to the school. The true cost of the outstanding education provided by Bosque School is not fully covered by tuition fees, and the school, like most non-profits, also relies upon charitable giving to manifest its mission. We believe that being able to donate, when we can, helps the school not only accomplish its in-the-moment goals but also ensure a solid financial foundation for generations to come.

Mark and Carol Fidel (parents of Josiah ‘24), Findlay Society Members

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We look forward to the opportunity to recognize and show our appreciation for leadership gifts to Bosque School with meaningful connection, recognition, and communication. 
The Bosque Fund follows the school's fiscal year, July 1 to June 30. For your convenience, you may make your gift online with a credit card. Please see the Giving page, for other ways to give (securities, by phone, and by mail).