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Upper school choir students perform in Sanchez Park
Bosque Fund

Every student. Every program. Every day.

As with most independent schools and universities, tuition does not cover the full cost of each student’s dynamic and immersive education at Bosque School. The Bosque Fund helps to close this gap and shows support for the unique educational opportunities provided by Bosque School - where students are challenged to think critically, solve problems in real-life contexts and develop their skills and passion as lifelong learners.

A strong Bosque Fund helps us keep tuition costs in line with peer schools and allows us to maintain a diverse community and student body. 

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Monthly Giving

Donors can easily set up a recurring monthly donation on our online giving form. A monthly donation allows you to spread the financial impact of your gifts across the entire year. When you give monthly, you are making a vital contribution to our long-term financial goals and demonstrating a sustained commitment to our mission and students. 

A recurring monthly donation also allows you to increase the size and impact of your gift by spreading it out across easy-to-make payments. 
A $1,000 annual gift is equal to making a monthly gift of $83 for twelve months. 

Monthly gifts can be updated or changed at any time.  Donors will receive an annual receipt of their total giving for the year for tax purposes.

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Bosque Fund FAQs