Community Commitment Fund

Dear Bosque Friends and Families,          

Please take a moment to think about your connection to Bosque and what community means to you. Was it a special relationship built between you and a beloved teacher or coach? Was it your child or grandchild's adviser who was instrumental in their success and sense of self? Was it the strength of your friendships built over years with classmates who made you feel seen and heard on the sometimes bumpy journey of childhood to young adulthood? Now imagine how your experience of community would have been impacted if those special people and connections weren’t able to happen. 

Our community—what we all love about Bosque—is currently under threat. Every single layer of society is feeling the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of our families have seen their businesses closed, their incomes slashed, and their futures suddenly uncertain. Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, our Business Office and Admission team have received a plethora of new financial aid requests from impacted families to support their children being able to continue to attend Bosque. These requests far exceed the $3.2 million that has been budgeted to support financial aid for our families. 

Now, more than ever, the Bosque School community needs your help. To respond to the increased need in our community and the commitment to keep our student body intact, we are launching the Bosque Community Commitment Fund today. 
Your gift to the Bosque Community Commitment Fund is a vote of confidence for Bosque School and our students. The size of the gift is far less important than our communal commitment. A gift of even $5.00 will have a positive influence on our ability to support our families. Our goal is to raise $50,000 today, with a long-term goal of raising at least an additional $75,000 by the start of the academic school year in August. Help us reach today’s $50,000 goal by making a gift now. 

Together, we will protect our community in this time of crisis to support our greatest asset and gift: the gift of a transformative education and the gift of a lifetime of connection to the community of Bosque. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions about this initiative or how you can best help.

With so much gratitude for your role as a critical member of the Bosque community,

Jessie Barrie, PhD
Head of School

Jessie Barrie, PhD

Support Bosque Students by Giving Now!

"One of the fundamental lessons Bosque taught me was the importance of giving back to your community. I received a phenomenal education, met life-long friends during my seven years there, and was the beneficiary of countless gestures of kindness and generosity. I believe when we go through difficult times is when it is most important to show your support for the people and places you care about." 
~Alexandra Chase, Class of 2007
“In light of COVID-19 and all that it has impacted, I’ve come to realize how many of my most valued experiences, including my education at Bosque, are most vulnerable. My time as a student at Bosque was incredibly important to me and I attribute the opportunities I’ve encountered in my life to the foundations I built during my years as a Bosque student. It felt important to give back to my experience, especially now, to ensure that Bosque students today and in the future can continue to be challenged, find and pursue their passions, and be engaged community leaders.” 
~Madeline Gyongyosi,Class of 2014