Bosque School Endowment

As a young institution, Bosque School is still growing its endowment levels to match peer schools.  A strong endowment is critical to the long-term sustainability of the school. Gifts to the endowment help support these long-term efforts and also increase Bosque School’s prestige in national rankings. 

At Bosque School, many generous donors have established endowed funds to support key aspects of our mission. For more information on contributing to one of these endowments or establishing an endowment fund in honor of, or in memory of, a friend or loved one, contact the Development Department at (505) 898-6388.

Bosque School Endowment Funds

List of 10 items.

  • General Endowment

    Bosque School is committed to using endowment funds to support the cultural, economic, and intellectual diversity of the school community by offering need-based financial aid to students who show academic promise, talent, and good character. For independent schools, a healthy endowment makes it possible to respond to advancements in technology, offer higher salaries for talented faculty, and sustain a strong financial aid program.
  • Alumni Scholarship Fund

    This fund was established by our Alumni Association through an inaugural gift from the Class of 2006. As the Alumni Scholarship Fund grows, it will offer a way to share the experience of Bosque School with others by providing financial aid awards. Family, friends, and alumni are invited to make gifts to honor Bosque alumni or graduating seniors.
  • Joanna Carlson Hart Music Endowment

    This Endowment was created in 2018 to support all musical education programs at Bosque School.
  • Merrick '09 and Sydney '12 Dazzo Scholarship Endowment

    The Merrick and Sydney Dazzo Scholarship Fund helps provide need-based financial aid to qualified students who require additional support for learning differences or challenges.
  • Milagro Scholarship Endowment Fund

    Funded in 2013, the Milagro Scholarship fund supports need-based financial assistance to qualified Native-American, Hispanic, Latinx, or African-American students.
  • Ozmat-Handmaker Scholarship Endowment

    In honor of the Ozmat-Handmaker Family (Billy Handmaker, Betul Ozmat, Simon Handmaker‘15, and Lev Handmaker‘18) generous donors have established the Ozmat-Handmaker Family Horizons Student Scholarship Endowment to provide need-based financial aid to allow qualified Horizons Albuquerque students to pursue their education at Bosque School.
  • Rod J. Pera and Mary Kay Pera Endowment Scholarship

    The Rod J. Pera and Mary Kay Pera Endowment Scholarship was established in June 2014 by the Sandia Foundation in honor of Rod and Mary Kay’s passion for offering an unparalleled college preparatory education to qualified New Mexico students regardless of their financial situation. Rod J. Pera was a longtime member of the Sandia Foundation Board and served as a trustee of Bosque School from 1995–2005 and 2006–2013.

    Established in 2012, this fund supports need-based financial assistance to students who would be otherwise unable to attend Bosque School.
  • Dan Shaw Scholarship Fund

    Established in April 2014, this fund will support Bosque’s financial aid program and provide funds to qualified, deserving students who uphold the values for which Dan Shaw stands: a commitment to academic scholarship, a love for the environment, a devotion to improving one’s community, and a willingness to always act with integrity.
  • Klaus Weber Scholarship Endowment Fund

    Established in December 2015, this fund will support Bosque’s need-based financial aid program while honoring Bosque School's faculty member, Klaus Weber, who retired in May 2016. Klaus greatly values the diverse student body at Bosque School, and his wish was to have all funds raised in his honor be applied to a scholarship to aid Bosque students for years to come.