Community Engagement
Service Learning

Middle School Service Learning

All Bosque School middle school students attend twice-monthly Service Learning class that is integrated into the 10-day class rotation cycle. Each grade focuses their time on initiatives associated with a particular prescribed theme. Bosque School 6th graders explore a sense-of-place by focusing on our campus as a community and ecosystem. They manage both the recycling and Lost & Found programs on campus, while learning about cycles of waste and systems of sustainability. Seventh graders explore causes and implications of poverty and food insecurity, as well as solutions moving towards food justice with the premise that everyone has the right to fresh, healthy food. Students volunteer at local community gardens, food pantries, Roadrunner Food Bank, and other community-based assistance services. Building on the previous year’s theme, eighth graders delve into promoting literacy among our community’s at-risk children. Through long-standing partnerships with local Head Start sites, our students read and play with pre-school children, and develop friendships with their young “reading friends” as mentors to inspire a love for life-long learning.

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  • 6th Grade - Introduction to Service and Environmental Awareness

    Sixth graders focus on their school and local environmental community as an ecosystem. They manage the recycling and lost-and-found Re:Claim program on campus, while learning about stewardship of the environment surrounding our campus, expanding to national and global connections, as well.   This year also introduces students to foundations of philanthropy and volunteerism.
  • 7th Grade - Poverty and Food Insecurity Awareness

    Seventh graders explore the causes and implications of poverty and food insecurity at local, national, and global levels. Students volunteer at local food pantries including direct interaction with clients, community gardens, and the state’s central food bank.
  • 8th Grade – Early Literacy

    Eighth graders delve into strengthening literacy among our community’s at-risk youth. By partnering with local Head Start sites, our students read, do activities, and engage in play with preschool age youth, developing friendships with their young “Reading Friends” and inspiring them to develop a love of reading.