Community Engagement
Black Institute for Environmental Studies

New Mexico Watershed Watch

A partnership program with the New Mexico Department of Game & Fish

Organized by RiverSource, Watershed Watch increases the understanding of water quality, river ecology and fisheries health through hands-on science in real-world context. Students gather data on biological, chemical and physical indicators and make presentations to local data users including: acequias, school boards, federal agencies and watershed groups. Students become engaged in environmental studies of issues beyond the classroom that address critical water issues in local regions.

Watershed Watch at Bosque School

The 7th grade science curriculum at Bosque School is centered around the Watershed Watch program. Watershed Watch is a collaboration, between schools and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish, focused on stream monitoring in the Rio Grande watershed. Bosque School 7th grade students monitor water quantity and quality in the Las Huertas Creek watershed in the Sandia Mountains and the Jemez Creek watershed in the Jemez Mountains.

Students measure physical, biological, and chemical aspects of streams on a monthly basis. They gain a sense of the health of the watershed through analysis of their data, and present that data to communities and agencies at the end of each school year. The experience of doing real science in a field setting helps support an understanding of the connections between humans and water in New Mexico.