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Upper School Athletics

Upper School Swim Meet

As Bosque School students advance to upper school and athletics become increasingly competitive, we retain our commitment to developing integrity, life skills, and teamwork as we help our student-athletes thrive both physically and mentally.

Bosque School students not only achieve success as athletes but also develop crucial life skills in time management, accountability, teamwork, and leadership, which in turn have positive ripple effects on their academic and social pursuits. The power of the team is strong at Bosque School, and there is a profound sense of pride and connection among our student-athletes. As they unite to represent their school, they forge enduring memories and learn valuable lessons that will serve them well as they move from upper school to college and beyond.

New Mexico Activities Association Information

Bosque School upper school athletics is proud to compete in the District 5-3A division of the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA). The NMAA was formed in 1921 as a private/non-profit organization whose principal purpose is the regulation, direction, administration, and supervision of interscholastic activities in the State of New Mexico. The NMAA prides itself in its leadership, providing educational and social experiences for the students and communities of New Mexico. The NMAA has taken a leadership role nationally in several areas, including sportsmanship, media relations, coach preparation, corporate development, and interscholastic activities.

Upper School Athletic Teams:

Fall: Girls Volleyball, Girls Cross Country, Boys Cross Country, Girls Soccer, Boys Soccer, Girls Golf, Boys Golf, Co-Ed Mountain Biking 

Winter: Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Girls Swimming and Diving, Boys Swimming and Diving, Co-Ed Bowling, eSports

Spring: Girls Track & Field, Boys Track & Field, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis, Girls Lacrosse, Girls Golf, Boys Golf, Co-Ed Baseball

Upper School Girls Cross Country
Upper School Boys Tennis
Upper School Boys Basketball

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