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Sports Medicine

Middle school soccer students practicing on Wood Soccer Field

At the Bosque School, our sports medicine department delivers thorough and top-notch medical care to all student-athletes. We firmly believe in a philosophy of athletic participation that prioritizes the health and well-being of each individual involved. This guiding principle fosters a strong commitment among our sports medicine team and the Bosque School coaching staff to ensure safe practices and competitions. We are vigilant in responding promptly and effectively to accidents, injuries, or illnesses, and we always strive to maintain the highest standards of care for our student-athletes.

Our sports medicine team comprises a team physician, licensed athletic trainer, and sports medicine aides, all working in partnership with our school nurse and student support team. Our staff is responsible for more than 300 student-athletes at Bosque School who compete on more than forty athletic teams.

Girls volleyball team

On-site medical services include but are not limited to preventing injuries and illnesses, rehabilitation services, examination and clinical diagnosis, injury education, therapeutic intervention, wellness promotion and education, and hydration education.

Sports Medicine Aides

Sports medicine aides (SMA) is an after-school activity where interested students can learn basic skills in first aid, taping, injury evaluation, injury treatment, and injury rehabilitation. Working alongside our licensed athletic trainer, sports medicine aides provide healthcare support for all of Bosque School's athletic teams both on and off campus. 

Sports medicine aides is more than just a "club." Students can earn PE credit through their involvement, along with developing valuable medical skills to support future college and career readiness.

MRC students practice CPR