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Middle School Athletics

Middle School Girls Basketball poses with trophy

Middle school athletics provides a perfect place for students to explore new interests, experience what it means to be a part of a team, and develop confidence and resilience. 

Students who engage in athletics during their middle school years benefit from a multitude of advantages that extend far beyond physical fitness. Participation in sports not only enhances overall well-being and cultivates lifelong healthy habits but also yields proven mental health benefits, including stress reduction, heightened focus, and improved cognitive abilities. In addition, team sports play a crucial role in providing our students with opportunities for social interaction, fostering genuine teamwork experiences, and creating a sense of belonging and school spirit, consequently boosting self-confidence. Middle school athletics, functioning as a platform for personal growth, instill valuable life skills such as discipline, goal setting, perseverance, integrity, and sportsmanship, which have profound applications in various aspects of our students’ lives.

NMISAL Information
Bosque School middle school athletics is proud to compete in the newly formed New Mexico Independent School Athletic League (NMISAL) as a part of the New Mexico Activities Association (NMAA). The NMISAL includes Albuquerque Academy, Bosque School, Cottonwood Classical, East Mountain, Sandia Preparatory School, and Santa Fe Preparatory School.

Middle School Athletic Teams:

Fall: Girls Volleyball, Girls Cross Country, Boys Cross Country, Co-ed Soccer, Girls Tennis, Boys Tennis, Co-Ed Golf, Co-Ed Mountain Biking.

Winter: Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball, Co-Ed Swimming, eSports, Archery

Spring: Girls Track & Field, Boys Track & Field, Co-Ed Baseball, Co-Ed Golf, Co-Ed Flag Football.

8th-grade athletes have the opportunity to “play up,” joining upper school athletic teams under the direction of Bosque School’s athletic director and with approval from the New Mexico Activities Association. 

Middle School Volleyball team poses with trophy
Middle School Flag Football

My favorite thing about being a Bosque School student is the athletics department and how supportive the soccer team is.
Bosque School 7th-grade student

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