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Girls soccer team

Go Bobcats!

Athletics allow our students to explore new passions, collaborate and contribute meaningfully to something bigger than themselves, and develop confidence, competence, tenacity, and leadership skills.

At Bosque School, our robust athletic program is dedicated to creating a positive and enriching student experience. We strive to foster an environment where they can compete with confidence and integrity within a welcoming, enjoyable, supportive, and competitive setting. About 70% of our students actively participate in athletics, and they often compete in different sports throughout multiple seasons. Embracing a no-cut athletic policy, we ensure that every student feels valued and respected and has the opportunity to explore new interests, develop skills, and experience the transformative benefits of cooperation and teamwork. While our teams progressively become more competitive, with numerous state championships and a proud lineage of alumni collegiate athletes, our commitment to inclusivity ensures that no student is denied the chance to commit, connect, and contribute to our athletic community. Our student-athletes range from sports newcomers to seasoned athletes who compete year-round in esteemed club teams, and we provide a supportive environment where every student can be athletically successful and meaningfully contribute to their team.

The primary focus of our athletics program is the holistic development of our student-athletes. We aim to cultivate their mental, physical, technical, and tactical skills within a caring and inclusive environment, fostering personal growth and igniting a genuine passion for their chosen sports. Our ultimate goal is to impart vital life skills that extend beyond the scope of athletics. This includes instilling a solid work ethic that safely pushes student-athletes beyond their comfort zones, teaching the value of commitment, equipping them with resilience in the face of adversity, and nurturing their ability to compete at a high level with respect, integrity, and unwavering confidence. Bosque School student-athletes take immense pride in their athletic performances as they represent our athletics program, the school, our community, and the entire state.

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Bosque School shaped me into the person I am today and helped me realize my full potential on a personal level, on an academic level, and in sports.
Jackie Katzman, Class of 2014; 
B.S. Political Science Cornell University, competed on the Big Red Cross Country and Track & Field teams.

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