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Financial Aid FAQs

Financial Aid FAQs

List of 20 frequently asked questions.

  • Where do I find the financial aid application?

    Bosque School uses School & Student Services (SSS) to process financial aid applications. The application is only available online.
  • What is Bosque School’s school code?

    Our SSS school code is: 1757
  • Who do I contact if I have issues applying?

    SSS offers robust customer service to families. We encourage you to reach out to them directly with any questions regarding the application submission process.
  • Can I bring you hard copies of my documents?

    No, the Financial Aid Committee requires that all documents (W-2s, Taxes, and Schedules) are uploaded directly to the SSS Portal. 
  • What is the financial aid deadline for returning families?

    The deadline to digitally submit your financial aid application, copies of two years of prior year taxes, W-2s, and all schedules for returning families is:

    December 8, 2022, at 11:59 pm

    Due to demand and the limitations of our financial aid budget, Bosque School will not accept late applications. The financial aid committee will not review incomplete applications and records.
  • What is the financial aid deadline for new families?

    The deadline to digitally submit your financial aid application, copies of two years of taxes, W-2s, and all schedules for new families is:

    Early Decision: December 8, 2022

    Regular Decision is February 1, 2023

    Due to demand and the limitations of our financial aid budget, Bosque School will not accept late applications. The Financial Aid Committee will not review incomplete applications and records.
  • What is the process to request an extension?

    Extension requests must be submitted before the financial aid deadline. Extensions will only be granted in extenuating circumstances and only if the two most recent years of tax forms, W-2s, and schedules have been submitted. 
  • I have a past due balance. Will I still be able to apply for financial aid?

    Families with a past due balance on their child’s student account cannot apply for financial aid until the account is brought up-to-date. Please contact the business office for more information (505-898-6388).
  • How is financial aid determined?

    SSS calculates an expected family contribution (EFC) for every financial aid applicant. Bosque School uses this calculation to determine a family’s financial aid eligibility. To ensure equity in the awarding of financial aid, we do not make adjustments to the EFC.
  • When will I receive my financial aid award?

    Returning families will receive notification about financial aid with their re-enrollment agreement on January 31, 2023. Enrollment agreements and deposits must be returned by February 8, 2023.

    Families who do not return agreements and deposits by this date will forfeit any financial aid awarded.

    New families will receive financial aid notification with their offer of admission.
  • What if I want to appeal my financial aid award?

    Bosque School only accepts appeal requests due to errors or omissions from your family’s financial aid application. If you believe there is an error or omission on your application, please take a moment to review your submission. If you find an error or omission, we will publish a form in February to submit change requests. Bosque School does not negotiate financial aid awards.
  • Is financial aid automatically renewed every year?

    No, families must reapply for financial aid every year, except for families with students on the Bosque Pledge. Families with students on the Bosque Pledge must send a copy of their completed taxes to in order to verify continued eligibility for aid. Financial aid to returning families may be withdrawn if the current year’s tuition payments are not current.
  • How are separated households handled?

    All parents or guardians, including additional spouses or partners, must complete the financial assistance application process. If all parties do not complete this process, we will be unable to award financial assistance. We consider the income and assets of both parents and/or guardians. Financial information from one household will not be shared with another household.

    In the event that a non-custodial parent has had little or no contact with the child for at least two years and has not provided more than 5% of the cost to support that child during that time, the requirement for information for non-custodial parents may be waived.  In order to extend this waiver, the Financial Aid Committee will require a signed letter from a non-family member who is aware of the family situation in a professional capacity. This might include a doctor, lawyer, social worker, or clergy member. All letters must be submitted, via email, to the Financial Aid Committee by February 16, 2021 at 11:59 pm.
  • How are multiple tuition charging schools handled?

    In the case that one or more children attend a tuition-charging school, Bosque School requires that families apply for financial aid at each school their children attend.
  • How are self-employed families evaluated?

    Parents who own a business and/or farm should list this as an asset on the Parent Financial Statement and the required schedules must be submitted with the tax return. Tax documents for partnerships and corporations are also required (Schedule K-1, Form 1065, Form 1120, or Form 1120S).

    The Financial Aid Committee may request additional information, including cash flow statements, balance sheets, and any other pertinent information to determine financial status.  Business losses and expenses that do not affect cash flow (such as depreciation and home office write-offs) may be disallowed when computing financial need.
  • What if my child has assets of their own?

    Any assets listed under a student’s name are considered available resources for funding their education and should be included in the Parent Financial Statement.
  • What is the financial aid waitlist?

    If an award of financial aid is not possible, a family may be placed on a financial aid waitlist. Students who are accepted and waitlisted for financial aid will be reassessed if additional funds become available.
  • Does Bosque School award merit scholarships?

    No, Bosque School is committed to providing financial assistance based on demonstrated need. We believe that by focusing on need-based financial aid we can support more families seeking an independent education for their child.
  • What if I receive a different award amount at another independent school? Will you match it?

    No, Bosque School does not match financial aid awards from other schools. Our offer of financial aid is based on a family’s EFC and the school’s established financial aid budget.
  • Why is the deadline so early?

    Nearly 75% of Bosque School’s budget is made up of salaries and benefits for our amazing staffulty. To be able to retain and attract the very best teaching talent, we need all families to complete the re-enrollment process by the established deadlines in order to issue staffulty employment agreements.