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All students have dedicated WILLDS time in their schedule, just as they would math or humanities. In addition, just as math teachers are masters of their craft, so too are WILLDS educators. We hire experienced and passionate educators whose sole teaching focus is to deliver the various elements of the WILLDS curriculum. These teachers will work to develop the curricular arc of each of the WILLDS content areas and build relationships with students over the years.

Students will not necessarily engage with all elements of the WILLDS curriculum each year, but rather experience a curated series of WILLDS content blocks that focus on the unique developmental needs of each grade. 
Here are a few topics covered in WILLDS courses:

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  • Wellness

    • What is the difference between stress, anxiety, depression, and suicidality, and how do I support myself and friends through mental health challenges?
    • What are my personal coping strategies for managing stress?
  • Identity

    • What unique elements of my culture, history, family, circumstance, and lived experience shape the way I view and interact with the world?
  • Life Skills

    • How do I develop financial literacy (understanding debt, credit cards, investing, filing taxes, creating and managing a budget, etc.)?
    • How do I write an effective cover letter, resume, and engage with a job interview?
  • Leadership

    • What are the characteristics of an effective leader? 
    • What are the skills of leadership (self-awareness, communication, conflict resolution, group management, decision making, etc.)?
  • Diversity

    • How are we strengthened by engaging with cultural competence and humility with those who hold different lived experiences and perspectives than our own?
  • Service

    • What is philanthropy? What do I value and want to contribute my time, treasure, or talent to?