Uniquely Bosque


Launched in the spring of 2022, Bosque School’s immersive courses are a significant academic differentiator. All Bosque School students—grades 6-12—close each academic year by taking one three-week-long immersive course in May. Working with peers and a team of teachers, students engage in deep learning of a dynamic, relevant, and interdisciplinary topic.

Extending beyond the four walls of a classroom, immersives provide time and space for integrated and focused learning. Students can engage in educational experiences free from the usual parameters that exist in a regular class rotation.
“The learning environment and takeaways were in-depth, rigorous, and thought-provoking in a way that made me curious as well as academically challenged”—11th Grade Student
“I led a humanities and science-based immersive with upper school kids, where we looked at the connections between New Mexico and [outer] space. The next thing you know we're talking about ethics and the second colonization of New Mexico. And they're also trying to figure out which exo-planets could actually sustain life. They’re seeing how all these all fit together, which you don't always get to do in a humanities class or as a chemistry class.”

— Geetha Holdsworth, Dean of Academics