Uniquely Bosque

When you see Bosque School students on a backpacking trip, flamenco dancing, gazing at the stars in Chaco Canyon, or meeting with leaders at a local nonprofit, you might think, “That’s nice, but where is the academic rigor?”

Rigor implies severity, strictness, difficulty, and being extreme. It means students sitting in rows, with the teacher as the holder of knowledge.

Why has the standard definition of rigor become the expectation we have of “what learning looks like,” when we know it hasn’t really worked that well past the 1950s? 
News flash: it wasn’t even working that well in the 1950s.

At Bosque School, we believe in reimagining rigor.

We challenge students to inquire, explore, and drive their learning based on a desire to learn more about topics and issues they care about.

The programs described below are standout programs that show Bosque School’s teaching philosophy in action.
How to Make Sure Your Student is Prepared for Life
We listened to parents who are increasingly concerned about their student’s health, wellness, and ability to thrive in a diverse and complex world.

With the new WILLDS (Wellness, Identity, Leadership, Life Skills, Service) program, students benefit from a holistic curriculum that includes the following:
  • Wellness habits
  • Life and leadership skills
  • Understanding of identity and diversity
You can read some of the questions our students discuss, below in the WILLDS section.
Explore Signature Programs at Bosque School
Outstanding Outcomes
Guess what? When students pursue their passions, it not only feels great, and makes for great life experiences, it looks great to colleges. That’s why 100% of our students are accepted to a variety of colleges and universities, including some of the nation’s highest-ranked undergraduate programs.

All Bosque Bobcats will graduate with an understanding of wellness, identity, leadership, life skills, and service, setting them up for resilience no matter what comes up in their lives.

Would your student thrive with a hands-on, holistic approach to education?