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Bosque School
Bosque School

The Bosque Learning Center

The Bosque Learning Center offers personalized learning to individuals and small groups — ensuring flexibility and support that allow every student to excel academically.

The Bosque Learning Center (BLC) serves the needs of both Bosque School and non-Bosque School students through tutoring services that help each student reach their full academic potential. 

For Bosque School students, engagement with BLC tutors connects students in our learning support program with tutors who communicate directly with classroom teachers and our full-time learning specialist to ensure the most relevant and timely academic support is provided to help students thrive in their classes. Additionally, logistics are minimized for both students and parents (as students don’t have to leave campus for tutoring and can meet with tutors during strategic times in the school day to minimize conflicts with extracurricular and athletic commitments). This allows tutoring to be an enhancement, not a distraction, from the comprehensive Bosque School academic experience.

For non-Bosque school students, the Bosque Learning Center provides the same outstanding tutoring services and academic support to ensure first through twelfth-grade students are able to thrive academically at their home school. 

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Two students working together in the classroom

When we didn’t know how to get our elementary-aged daughter the enrichment she needed in a virtual learning environment, the Bosque Learning Center created many creative, hands-on, and challenging opportunities for her. 
Kristin, parent

Individual Instruction & Tutoring Services

Group Instruction & Tutoring Services

My 4th-grade son, who is in the 98th percentile for his age in math, has worked with his enrichment coach for over a year. We sought a tutor who would be able to challenge him yet have fun with math. His coach prods, pushes, and laughs with my son; when their weekly session ends, my boy is energized and happy.
Peter, parent



Our kids have benefited tremendously from the Bosque Learning Center. Their personalized learning plans have helped our kids be successful academically. The Bosque Learning Center tutors are paragons of professionalism—knowledgeable, effective, empathic, supportive, and collaborative. Our family is grateful for the Bosque Learning Center.
Laurie and David, parents

Clint Montgomery

Clint Montgomery

Titles: Director of the Bosque Learning Center