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Remote Teaching & Learning at Bosque School

Welcome to Bosque School’s Remote Teaching and Learning page and the plan for continuity during our school closure. We will continue to engage our students with rich learning experiences and distance-learning activities that reflect our academic mission and provide a Challenging Education for all students. The Academic Leadership Team has crafted thoughtful practices and principles for students, teachers, and parents. These will be updated as needed and will answer questions and provide resources on learning, access, and support.

Bosque School’s values of Scholarship, Community, and Integrity are the core drivers to all we do. We are a community that cares and supports one another, which will continue as we work diligently and joyfully to meet the needs of our students with remote learning and resources.

Our Priorities
The landscape of our current work has changed, but Bosque School’s commitment to our guiding principles of Scholarship, Community, and Integrity has not.  These three pillars provide a consistent framework for our teaching, learning, and community engagement, even if “social distancing” has necessitated developing new platforms and tools for our interactions.  In all aspects of our planning for an extended school closure, we are centering these values. In particular, it is critical for us to maintain a meaningful connection between our students, families, and staffulty during this challenging time.  We’re equipped to offer a powerful sense of community and the experience of being seen and supported -- something not available in many online learning experiences.  

Acknowledgement of the Challenge
We collectively acknowledge the challenge of shifting from a highly-experiential, embodied learning environment to a remote platform.  It is a steep learning curve for everyone -- staffulty, students, and families. We will not do it perfectly, but we commit to wholehearted presence, engagement, and the development of new skills and practices.  We are simultaneously aware that there are only six and a half weeks of instruction after Spring Break; to that end, we want the majority of our energy to go into providing meaningful learning and connection.

Read more about Bosque School's guide to Remote Teaching & Learning for UPPER SCHOOL families here.

Read more about Bosque School's guide to Remote Teaching & Learning for MIDDLE SCHOOL families here.

Please reach out to the appropriate individual with any questions or concerns you may have.

Classroom and Assignment Questions
Your Child’s Advisor  Staffulty Directory 
Your Child’s Teachers  Staffulty Directory

School Resources - See Staffulty Directory
Head of Middle School Leslie O’Hanlon 
Head of Upper School Dr. Spree MacDonald 
Academic Dean Dr. Nina Leacock
Service Learning Director Anna Rutins
Director of Technology - Technical Support Curt Bland
Student Wellness Eva Buchwald and Martha Carmody
Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Ebony Booth
Head of School Dr. Jessie Barrie

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  • Remote Service Learning Opportunities

    Many of you have asked how students and families can do service remotely. Linked here, are several ways you can connect remotely and support our community. Reach out to Service Learning Director Anna Rutins with questions.
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