Inquiry: Our Academic Approach

Challenging Education


Bosque School’s philosophy of Challenging Education is two-fold:
  1. We provide our students with experiences that challenge them to grow as learners and leaders and become conscientious, contributing community members of our school, New Mexico, and the world. Our academic program pushes students past rote memorization and regurgitation of content. We value the depth of understanding and application learning over breadth of standardized testing. Through an inquiry-based approach, students identify the questions and the answers, resulting in deeper learning and more meaningful personal engagement.

  2. Challenging the traditional model of education that has defined most schools since the Industrial Revolution, humans have learned by doing throughout history. However, it was only over the past century that learning shifted from a very experiential and engaged process to a very passive one. At Bosque School, we incorporate the most relevant research into teaching and learning, neuroscience, and adolescent development to design what a challenging education means for today’s students engaging with today’s interconnected, global, and rapidly changing world. As a result, education looks different at Bosque School, and this approach is what today’s students need to thrive as collaborators, creators, communicators, critical thinkers, and innovators.