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Gerald and Betty Ford Library

Welcome to the Gerald and Betty Ford Library

Welcome to the Gerald and Betty Ford Library, the only building to bear both our 38th President of the United States and his wife Betty Ford’s names! The Ford library is a space and place for community, collaboration, creativity, challenge, and connection. In support of a culture of inquiry, we offer books and digital resources for use in research, exploration, problem-solving, and celebration. We are an organic and evolving space to meet the needs of a dynamic learning community; for programs and events that celebrate reading and stories, inquiry, identity, and our core values of Scholarship, Community, and Integrity.
Why Libraries? 
Quotes from Bosque students!
“Because they give you mirrors and doors. They are magic.”
“Books spark hope and imagination.”
“Because books are life adventures.”
“A good place to read and study.”
“So you can interact with people who have the same interest in books as you.”
“Libraries allow you to imagine.”
“Words have power.”
“You can read books you don’t have to buy.”
“They let stories be shared, and stories are solace.”
The Ford Library’s mission is to promote reading and research and to provide the information students need in a variety of formats, supporting the school’s mission of developing lifelong learners.

Database & Research Tools

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The Ford Library is available to students Monday through Friday from 7:30am-6:00pm for research and technology use. Students should see the librarian on staff for any help needed during their visits.

Windows & Mirrors, by Director of Ford Library, Barb Lazar