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Whole-Child Education

Students form a line

In order to thrive as learners, leaders, collaborators, and contributors, students need to be seen and known as whole people. Bosque School’s signature WELLBEING program aims to help students excel academically and cultivate cognitive, social-emotional, physical, mental, and identity development.

Bosque School's WELLBEING program serves as a holistic support system for our students and encompasses various essential areas of development. Families today are concerned about increasing rates of adolescent mental health concerns, the consequences of technology and social media usage, and what it means to find shared humanity and collaboration in a diverse world. Additionally, our students seek authentic education in health and wellness, and they are eager to learn real-life skills in areas such as organization, time management, media and financial literacy, resume writing, digital citizenship, and leadership. They want to make a difference through meaningful service learning partnerships and community engagement. They recognize that to be prepared for college, they need more than excellent academic skills; they also need competency in navigating student debt and credit card offers, engaging effectively in civil discourse, and a hearty toolbox of communication, conflict resolution, and coping skills. 

Beginning in sixth grade, our students delve into executive functioning skills, acquiring valuable tools such as effective homework planning, time management, and prioritization techniques for handling substantial projects. By the time they are in eighth grade, they are ready to embark on a year-long service learning partnership, wherein they collaborate with kindergartners from a local Title I school, fostering peer leadership skills and nurturing the younger students' confidence and enthusiasm for learning, particularly in the realm of early childhood literacy.

As our students progress to upper school, they engage in activities such as reviewing redacted cover letters and resumes, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to craft their own impactful resumes and cover letters for future job applications. As juniors and seniors, our students participate in courses and seminars, including college seminars, self-defense classes, and cooking skills workshops, providing them with practical and age-appropriate wellness curricula tailored to their specific needs.

All students have WELLBEING time built into their schedule from 6th through 12th grade, and our dedicated Bosque School WELLBEING faculty all have specific expertise in the various elements of the WELLBEING curriculum. With their support, students develop their skillset and deepen their understanding of crucial topics beyond core academics, learning to apply twenty-first-century skills with nuance and empathy.