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Bosque School
Bosque School

Immersive Education

Students take in artwork at a local gallery during Immersives

Our students confidently and competently demonstrate their mastery of academic fundamentals as they apply their skills in immersive and hands-on learning experiences, engage with industry professionals, and interact with community partners. 

Three-week-long immersive courses, offered each May, provide enhanced opportunities for deep academic engagement as students apply their passions, skills, and knowledge through coursework that broadens learning beyond campus. Taught by an interdisciplinary teaching team, immersives are assessed and transcripted courses, uniquely different than those offered during the core schedule, and are a powerful college differentiator. 

Immersives are transformative — and college admissions departments know this. Students who engage in immersives throughout their middle and high school years are independent, creative, critical thinkers who are exceptionally well-positioned for college success. They also have college transcripts that reflect the creativity and possibility that comes from a three-week course that is unconstrained by the traditional school schedule. The rigor that comes with sustained immersion and dedicated focus on one academic topic accelerates and strengthens student learning and outcomes. 

Some recent middle school immersives include Food to Move, Journey Into Science and Medicine, The Art of Hiking & Camping, Agua Es Vida, and Design Genius. Some recent high school immersives include RoboStem, Greek Gods and Heroes, Forensics, Art & Social Justice, and Medical Reserve Corps.

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The immersive experience was above and beyond my expectations. I am impressed with the behaviors my son has (acquired), including accountability and expressing his emotions and concerns.
—Bosque School Parent

“I learned how to be innovative when solving challenges either individually or in a group. I have learned so much more…in this immersive than in any regular class, and I have made memories that I will never forget.
—Bosque School 7th-Grade Student

Students at a planetarium during Immersives

The learning environment and takeaways were in-depth, rigorous, and thought-provoking in a way that made me curious as well as academically challenged. It creates a place for learning and contemplation in a variety of ways that challenges the way we usually go about learning and investigating.
—Bosque School 11th-Grade Student

My child's immersive was a perfect fit for them! They got to see the world from beyond their experiences and get out of their head.
—Bosque School Parent

These immersive experiences are exactly what we are looking for in education.
—Bosque School Parent