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Bosque School
Bosque School

What Sets Bosque School Apart

Students stand over a creek in The Wild Immersive Education course

Bosque School’s commitment to cultivating an enriching, relevant, and dynamic learning environment grounded in academic excellence truly sets us apart. From our field science curriculum, which provides students with hands-on experiences that foster a deep connection with the world around them, to our comprehensive whole-child education program, which nurtures our students’ intellectual, emotional, and social capacities, our signature differentiators contribute to an exceptional educational environment in which our students grow and thrive.

  • Bosque School’s commitment to inspiring academic excellence through reimagining rigor is our most significant differentiator. 
  • We stand out through our commitment to cultivating community and ensuring every student is seen, heard, known, valued, and meaningfully connected to trusted adults and their peer group.  
  • We recognize that to cultivate our students’ growth as learners and leaders, we must also support their whole selves. We hire teaching experts and dedicate time in our schedule to support whole-child education.

Bosque School is very inclusive and accepting and challenges the student. It's not just lectures and a teacher talking to you. It’s engaging. It’s collaborative. There are so many new people you will meet, teachers you will forever cherish, and Bosque School offers so many classes and extracurricular activities that will push you to be the best you can become.Bosque School 11th-grade student

These differentiators are woven throughout all elements of the Bosque School student experience.
Reimagining Rigor
Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)
Immersive Education
Whole-Child Education
Senior Capstone

Outstanding Outcomes

Bosque School students distinguish themselves from their counterparts during the college admissions journey not only because of their excellent academic skills but also because they present themselves as confident learners and leaders who have found their voice, passions, and intrinsic motivation.

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Bosque is a hugely unique and different experience from what people expect from education. You will find something truly special.Bosque School 11th-grade student

As a proud member of the Bosque School community, I can unequivocally state that this institution will be an unparalleled catalyst for your child's personal and academic growth. The education and life lessons they will encounter at Bosque School will shape their future, enabling them to carve a path toward greatness, armed with confidence, resilience, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Bosque School 10th-grade student