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College Experiences for Upper School Students

Summer Programs on College Campuses

Looking for something to do this summer? Students may want to consider attending an academic program on a college campus. These experiences are designed to give a taste of college classes while providing a feel for campus life. Many focus on a specific content area so that students can explore a potential career field. Many colleges across the country offer such programs and a simple search for “summer programs for high school students” on your chosen college’s website will usually direct you to their offerings. We’ve provided some popular New Mexico programs and a sampling of others for your reference below. Please note that attending one of these programs is not your ticket to admission to a selective school. While students may want to add an experience like this to their resume, it is generally not valued more than any other productive use of time, such as competing in competitive athletics, volunteering, or obtaining a part-time job. 

New Mexico Programs

Examples of Out-of-State Programs (search any school’s website for their offerings)
Denison University (Writer’s workshop)
Embry Riddle (Engineering/Flight/Robotics/Computer Science)
Lewis & Clark: (Writer’s workshop)
Syracuse University (Architecture)
Texas Tech University (Band & Orchestra Camp)