Bosque Learning Center

The Bosque Learning Center Programs
  • Gifted and Talented Student Enrichment: Using an inquiry/projectbased approach, enrichment coaches work with individual or small groups of students for accelerated learning and deepened student engagement. 
  • Academic Subject Area Tutoring and Enrichment: This program supports students needing academic enrichment, review, or practice with core skills or content. This is particularly important for those students taking advanced courses with complex content. 
  • Middle School and High School Academic Bootcamps:This summer program for rising 6th and rising 9th grade students helps build capacity in organizational and time management skills, allowing students to function independently for academic success. 
  • ACT/SAT Prep: This intensive  program has an emphasis on improving test-taking skills, learning strategies for preparing correctly and effectively, and helping students understand their personal learning styles. Each course is in a small group format, but includes regular individual sessions and close communication with each student and parent.
  • College Essay-Writing Workshop: A unique and personal essay has become an important component in the college application process. Tutors with special experience and skill in essay construction can provide the necessary help.
  • Support for Students with Learning Differences: Build skills and confidence as competent learners through partnership with experienced tutors with proven success working with students who have ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, dysgraphia, and a variety of learning differences. 

To register, contact Clint Montgomery 
The Elementary Level BLC provides tutor specialists to work with students from area elementary schools with issues similar to those of students in the regular BLC. These students are admitted to the BLC when they are seeking individualized instruction in specific academic areas or more broadly for support in work organization, time management and learning strategies. Some parents may choose to enroll their elementary students in the program prior to admission to Bosque School in order to enhance their skills or strengthen their academic foundation.
Please contact Clint Montgomery, Director of the Bosque Learning Center, or the Division Heads for additional information about these programs.
“My 4th grade son, who is in the 98th percentile for his age in math, has worked with his enrichment coach for over a year. We sought a tutor who would be able to challenge him yet have fun with math. His coach prods, pushes, and laughs with my son; when their weekly session ends, my boy is energized and happy.” ~Peter, parent 

Tutoring Services Available

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  • Who are the tutor specialists?

    The tutor specialists are recruited through the Learning Specialists Department. They submit work history records, and they participate in a full background check through the Bosque Business Office. These individuals have a variety of instructional experiences, and many are at the Masters level of education. The tutor specialists will be part-time employees of Bosque School so that they are expected to become familiar with the school’s culture, curriculum, and instructional expectations. A list of these tutor specialists along with a brief bio is available on the Bosque School website or by contacting Clint Montgomery. Typically, they will meet with students in the library first and then move to one of several quiet designated work areas provided through the Learning Specialist Department.
  • When are tutoring services available?

    Unless otherwise agreed upon, each session is approximately 40 minutes in length. Tutoring Specialists typically work with middle school students outside of the regular school day. This includes Tuesday mornings before the start of school before 9 A.M. and after school from 3:20 to 5:20 p.m. Below is the schedule of most common slots available for tutoring outside of the school day. For those middle school students participating in sports, an allowance will be made for arriving late for practices or attending tutoring after practice. Individual tutoring sessions will be rescheduled during any team competitions or games. Ordinarily, upper school students who participate use free periods in their schedules for tutoring sessions.

    Tutoring Slots Available Outside of the School Day
    7:40 - 8:20 AM
    8:20 -9:00 AM
    2:20 -3:20 PM In-Classroom support and Communication time for Tutor Specialists.
    3:20 – 4:00 PM
    4:00 – 4:40 PM
    4:40 – 5:20 PM
    (The BLC also is open during the summer break and Tutor specialists set up a mutually agreed upon schedule of meetings with each student).
  • What does it cost?

    • Tutoring:
      • Bosque Students - $40 per individual session and $30 for groups of two.
      • Non-Bosque Students - $50 per session
    • Once parents decide to participate in the BLC, they sign a contract for one semester at a time. Payments are set up through the Bosque Business Office.
    • Parents are billed for missed sessions only when the tutor does not have a 2-hour notice.
  • How do the tutors communicate?

    One of the hallmarks of a strong tutoring relationship is frequent and clear communication between the tutor specialist and the student’s teachers and parents.  Once a student is signed up for tutoring, the tutor specialist will contact both the parents and the adviser to develop specific goals for the work sessions and a written Tutoring Plan is developed. In addition, each tutor specialist prepares a Tutoring log (as a real time Google Doc) each week that reviews the activities accomplished and progress toward the learning goals. Parents and advisers are encouraged to provide feedback through the Tutoring Log to the tutor about necessary changes in focus for future sessions.

    Whenever feasible, tutor specialists working with middle school students are given a small amount of time each month to work with identified students in selected classrooms during the end of the fourth block or during Homework Cafe. This time will also be used for communication with teachers and parents. The method of communication between tutors and faculty will be determined by each teacher but will ordinarily be through the Tutoring Log email.  

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