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Physical Education

Students in PE class

Healthy minds thrive in healthy bodies

Research demonstrates how crucial exercise and movement are for students’ physical and mental health, learning engagement, and retention; therefore, Bosque School students participate in physical education (PE) classes. Our middle school students complete three years of PE, where they are introduced to a variety of athletic sports and skills, develop confidence, find joy in movement, become effective teammates, and learn how to effectively fuel their bodies through nutrition, sleep, mindfulness, and healthy choices. In the upper school, students complete a two-year PE requirement by taking additional PE classes, participating in Bosque School’s extensive interscholastic athletic teams, or through independent study in personal athletic passions (such as horseback riding, dance, and BMX racing, to name a few).

In addition to our PE program, all of our sixth graders have a 15-minute movement break between their morning and afternoon classes. During this time, our students walk with their friends and teachers around campus, providing them the opportunity to laugh, connect, and prepare their minds and bodies to refocus for their next class.

Students in PE class

Three-week-long immersive courses (offered each May) provide additional opportunities for students to apply their athletic passions, skills, and knowledge through interdisciplinary coursework. Some recent PE-related immersives include Food to Move (middle school), The Art of Hiking & Camping (middle school), Sports Psychology & Medicine (upper school), and The Wild (upper school). 

Seniors have the opportunity to deepen their commitment, knowledge, and expertise in athletics through their yearlong senior capstone research. Some recent related capstone topics include: 

  • Performance Anxiety: The Science of Neurological and Physiological Responses in a Performance Setting
  • An Analysis of Red-S: Can the Bones of Affected Female Athletes be Saved? 
  • Emotional Effects of Multiple Consecutive Concussions

PE works in alignment with Bosque School’s athletics program, which is committed to developing athletes who strive for the highest level of personal growth in an inviting, safe, and supportive environment. Our no-cut athletics program allows all students to explore potential passions and contribute to a team. Teams become more competitive as students move from middle to upper school. Please visit our athletics page to learn more about our athletics philosophy and offerings. 

In addition to competitive sports, extracurricular offerings include Sports Medicine Club, the Medical Reserve Corps, and the Outdoor Club.