Our Academic Approach

The educational program at Bosque School is grounded in our core value of inspiring academic excellence. We design learning experiences that inspire students to explore challenging concepts and ideas and to be daring in their pursuit of deep understanding.
Our academic approach is grounded in inquiry and prizes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Decisions of content and pedagogy reflect the diverse and changing world in which we live and offer a pathway to discovering individual passions and how to live ethically.

Middle School
Bosque School’s middle school students complete projects and fieldwork that require them to combine content knowledge across academic disciplines with deep thinking skills.

Our middle school students receive a rich foundation. All students take visual art, a performing art (choir, band, strings, theater, or theater teach), and Spanish.

All middle school students also participate in our student wellness program (WILLDS) and our advisory program—providing students with a strong foundation in social-emotional, community-building, and lifelong skills necessary to forge strong friendships and healthy relationships.

The middle school program honors our students’ individual stories, challenges them with demanding academic content and skill development, and fuels their emergent curiosity.

Upper School
“College preparatory” means a lot more than it used to. To succeed in a complex, global world, today’s students need more than a strong foundation in challenging academic courses. They need to become skillful, creative problem solvers with strong critical thinking and collaboration skills.

Our inquiry-based curriculum delivers the whole package. All students take core courses in mathematics, science, Spanish, and the humanities; and engage in at least two years of visual or performing arts.

Advanced and elective offerings across the disciplines, as well as yearly immersive courses, enable students to pursue their areas of passion and stretch into new areas of interest.

Our commitment to preparing students to lead full lives in a complex world extends beyond the classroom. Leadership opportunities abound through clubs, service-learning groups, task forces, student government, and the Judicial Committee.
"Bosque School has transformed our son from a student to a learner, from a passive receiver of information to an active thinker. The faculty is on a journey with him, helping him see how wide and deep the world is."
—Kelly Smyer, Bosque School Parent