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Bosque School
Bosque School
Students learning in class wit their teacher


Today’s graduates are inheriting a complex world that yesterday's model of education no longer serves nor supports. A Bosque School education, rooted in our core value of inspiring academic excellence, prepares your child to tackle whatever challenges they face as learners and leaders with competence and confidence.  

Bosque School challenges outdated models of education by:

  • Achieving academic excellence not through overscheduling and competition, but through a rigorous college preparatory academic curriculum that promotes self-awareness and connection to a healthy, joyful community.
  • Seeing past the trap of teach-to-the-test standardization that serves efficiency, not education.
  • Responding to research that proves hands-on learning supports application of and retention of core academic skills & knowledge.
  • Creating a culture that encourages and supports students to take risks, experiment, and explore- recognizing this is where true growth and learning occur.
  • Acknowledging that colleges and employers are seeking individuals who are curious, creative critical thinkers, communicators, problem solvers, and collaborators. 

Bosque School’s advanced classes surpass the limits of standardized curriculum, standardized testing, and standardized results through a rigorous inquiry model that focuses on depth over breadth. Deep knowledge comes from our commitment to unlocking relevance, meaning, and application in students’ learning, ultimately resulting in knowledge that is retained, not just regurgitated for a test.

We can't predict the future. But we can be assured that our graduates are undoubtedly prepared, versatile and resourceful—able not only to adapt, but also to shape the coming world.

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Upper school students work together to solve a math problem at a white board

Bosque School has transformed our son from a student to a learner, from a passive receiver of information to an active thinker. The faculty is on a journey with him, helping him see how wide and deep the world is.

Kelly Smyer, Bosque School Parent

Core Value: Inspiring Academic Excellence

We design learning experiences that inspire students to explore challenging concepts and ideas and to be daring in their pursuit of deep understanding. Our academic program is grounded in inquiry and prizes curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Decisions of content and pedagogy reflect the diverse and changing world in which we live and offer a pathway to discovering individual passions and how to live ethically.