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Staffulty Highlight: Kim Fike
  • Staffulty Highlight

Highlighting Kim Fike: A Nature Enthusiast and Compassionate Educator

In this month's newsletter, we shine a spotlight on Kim Fike, our Field and Community Science teacher. Kim’s passion for the great outdoors and dedication to student well-being truly make her a cherished member of our community.

Kim's journey is a testament to her love of nature - if she’s outside, she’s at peace. Her connection to the natural world inspired her to pursue an education in environmental biology, earning her BS from Fort Lewis College and an MS in biology from UNM. For nearly two decades, Kim has shared her passion for the outdoors with students ranging from K-12 to university levels, leaving an indelible impact on their lives. 

Beyond academia, Kim was part of the Albuquerque Mountain Rescue Council and is currently pursuing her dream as a student hot air balloon pilot. Her adventurous spirit reflects her belief in the transformative power of outdoor experiences.

What truly sets Kim apart is her unwavering commitment to the well-being of those she encounters, especially our youth. She strives to leave each person she meets in a better state than before, whether through intentional efforts or serendipitous encounters. Her wisdom is encapsulated in her advice, "Spend time understanding yourself deeply. Once you can observe your thoughts and feelings, they can act as guides throughout your life. If you follow what makes your heart sing, you will always end up in the right place."

In her personal life, Kim shares her home with a 12-year-old fur baby husky named Akilah.

When asked about Bosque School, Kim warmly expresses, "I would tell them to hurry up and sign the contract already! Bosque's proximity to the river, strong sense of community, and devotion to the development of the whole student are unique and powerful. It's like stepping into a warm bubble bath when you step on campus."

We are fortunate to have Kim Fike as a vital part of our Bosque School community, inspiring students and creating a warm and enriching environment for all.

  • Staffulty Highlight