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Staffulty Highlight: Dr. Scott Crago

Highlighting Dr. Scott Crago: A Multifaceted Leader in Academia and Beyond

Introducing Dr. Scott Crago, our new Dean of Academics, whose diverse experiences and passions make him a unique and dynamic addition to our academic community.

Scott's journey is marked by a deep connection to Southern Chile. During his formative years, while pursuing his graduate degrees, he spent summers in Temuco. His academic dedication took him back for an extended stay in late 2011 to complete his dissertation research, where he collaborated closely with the Mapuche communities.

Scott's unique career trajectory reflects his commitment to his true calling. Although he initially pursued an academic path, his heart led him elsewhere. After working briefly as the Senior State Archivist and for APS, he realized his passion for secondary education. This revelation led him to Sandia Prep where he wore many hats from grade level dean to department chair, and eventually to Dean of Students.

What drew Scott to Bosque School was the sense of community, acceptance, and student-centered learning that sets it apart. His work isn't limited to the classroom, however; he's currently researching and writing an article on the commune movement in Taos during the 1960s, exploring the interactions of Nuevomexicanos with these communities, with a particular focus on the gendered and racial rhetoric surrounding food stamp debates. He's not just joining our academic team - he's rolling up his sleeves to help with the mountain biking team and the outdoors club, with plans to expand the types of trips Bosque School offers across grade levels.

Scott is a musician who used to showcase his love for music by moonlighting as the house band at two college bars. He's also an avid mountain biker and outdoor enthusiast and seizes every opportunity to ride, hike, and even backpack when time allows. Gardening and reading are two more of his hobbies - reflecting his deep appreciation for the natural world and sci-fi and Russian literature. He also shares his home with two feline companions, Cowboy and Cole.

Scott's journey is an inspiring reminder to follow your passions and explore your interests. As he aptly puts it, "Enjoy your youth and explore what you're passionate about. Adulthood will always be there waiting for you." We're thrilled to have Dr. Scott Crago as our Dean of Academics, bringing a wealth of experiences and a commitment to nurturing student growth and community building, both inside and outside the classroom.