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Staffulty Highlight- Doug Lowry
  • Staffulty Highlight

Meet Our Technical Theater Director Doug Lowry!

What's a fun or surprising fact that most people at the school might not know about you?

I do bird impersonations.

Outside of school, how do you like to spend your free time? Any hobbies or interests you'd like to share?

Gaming with my kids. They are constantly beating me. But I love it. Running at sunrise.

Share a brief overview of your educational and professional journey that led you to Bosque School.

Richardson High School, Richardson TX
Northwestern State University, Natchitoches, LA
Tech Director for Theatre Tribe, North Hollywood, CA
Marlborough School, Los Angeles, CA

Favorite Memory: What's one of your favorite memories or moments from your time at Bosque School so far?

Opening night of each production so far. To see what we all can accomplish as a community is rewarding.

Can you share a specific instance where you felt a strong connection with a student or witnessed a notable "aha" moment in the classroom?

These are hard to pin down. I see small epiphanies every day in the students. But I really appreciate when they can see the vision I am going for during the creation of a production.  

Are you involved in any clubs, organizations, or activities outside of teaching? 

Not yet. The program takes up a lot of my spare time.

What would you tell a family that is considering Bosque School?

It's a great place for a young person to start their journey.  

Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

I can wiggle my ears

If you could give one piece of advice to your students, what would it be?

Be patient. Just be patient.

  • Staffulty Highlight