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Staffulty Highlight- Amy Gurley

Meet Amy Gurley: Learning Specialist 

Meet Amy Gurley, our learning specialist who joined Bosque School in August of 2023. Beyond her professional role, Amy is a Texas Master Naturalist with a passion for gardening. In this interview, we learn about her educational journey, personal hobbies, cherished memories, and even her beloved feline companions. Amy's unique teaching style mirrors her vibrant garden. Join us as we get to know this new and dynamic addition to the Bosque community.

How do you like to spend your free time outside of school? Do you have any hobbies or interests you'd like to share?

“Steve and I are Texas Master Naturalists, and I am truly happiest when my hands are in the dirt! Before coming to Bosque, my plan was to become an elementary school garden educator. In fact, I was offered the job the day before I was offered this job!” 

Share a brief overview of your educational and professional journey that led you to Bosque School.

“I have always loved being a teacher, and my teaching style is naturally non-linear,  creative, messy, and humorous — always capitalizing on teachable moments whenever and however they come about.”  

Do you have any pets?

“I have had lots of cats over the years. My three kids insisted on having three black cats when they were little. We still have Lucy, who is 17 years old! We also had a baby kitten show up in our backyard during the height of COVID lockdowns, and that lil fella brought us so much joy! For Peaches’ first birthday, we got Peaches a cameo video from Gilbert Gottfried!! It was hilarious!” 

What's one of your favorite memories or moments from your time at Bosque School so far?

“I have to say, starting just about every day with hot air balloons over campus and the community of morning meeting is REALLY awesome!! Also, I do like having lots of snack attack visitors so I can learn everyone's name (and chip preference)!”  

If you could give one piece of advice to your students, what would it be?

“Listen to that little whisper inside of yourself, the one that is familiar yet often unnoticed. The one that says, "Go for it!" The one that says, "Yesssssssssss, I want to do that!" The one that reminds you that you are made of stardust.”