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"Ode to Albuquerque"- Bosque Students Create a Poetry Mile

Bosque School creative writing students know about the power of words. They know words can inspire, entertain, and even encourage, and they used the power of words to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Duke City Marathon by sharing their work with the community. Students wrote a collaborative poem entitled "Ode to Albuquerque" that was distributed to over 3500 Duke City Marathon participants. Talk about a huge audience!

Additionally, in what is believed to be the first-ever poetry marathon mile, students' individual poems were made into posters that lined the course and delighted runners and spectators alike. The creative writers' work brought motivation to tired runners, showed the world that poetry can be fun, and added a little bit of joy to this year's marathon.


"Ode to Albuquerque"

Coyote howls–
in the desert–
and blue tailed lizards
beneath blooming
yucca stalks.
the rattlesnake
of the La Luz Trail
dare hikers
to a crest climb
where watermelon
sunsets await.
Nob Hill lights
like honey
over sopapillas
and green chiles roast.
Old Town’s streets
wear turquoise and silver
and mariachi bands
blue skies.
Along the river
cottonwoods whisper.
I savor
my Frontier sweet roll
watch hot air
balloons drift
like soap bubbles
the Rio Grande.