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  • Family Spotlight

At Bosque School, we have the most amazing families! This month, we are excited to highlight the deGraauws, who have been in our community since 2021. Recently, the deGraauws took some time to tell us how Bosque School is helping their child learn, grow, and reach her full potential. Read their interview below. 

Why did you choose Bosque School for your child?

“We chose Bosque School for our family because the values of the school align with the values we try to teach our children at home—to be not only good students but also good humans.”

What do you love most about our school?

“Our favorite thing about Bosque school is the enthusiasm and positivity that is felt throughout the community. Every member of Bosque School plays an important role in creating this inspiring environment that has directly fostered our daughter's growth and development.”

What is one word that best describes Bosque School? Tell us why you chose that word.

“The one word would have to be awe-inspiring. The teachers, staff, and students create an awe-inspiring place that intrinsically motivates the students to wonder about their world—both how it works and how they can make it better.”

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a student because of their experiences at Bosque School?

“The biggest change we've witnessed in our daughter is that she takes an active role in her education and feels personally responsible for meeting expectations because of the individual relationships she has with her teachers.” 

How do you believe Bosque School is preparing your child for college and life?

“Bosque School strikes a perfect balance between supporting our daughter and challenging her to get outside of her comfort zone. We believe these are the two forces that will best prepare her to be a confident and resilient lifetime learner.”

What would you tell another parent/guardian who is considering Bosque School as an option for their child?

“I think the most important thing to consider when selecting a school is to find an environment where your child will be happy and grow. For our child, she learns best in a small class with engaging teachers that know her by name and are committed to helping her reach her potential.” 

  • Family Spotlight