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  • Family Spotlight

We love that the Campbells have now been members of the Bosque School family for several years, and we recently had the opportunity to hear from them about what they value most in a Bosque School education.

Why did you choose Bosque School for your child?

“It aligned with our family's values and was the right fit for our child.”

What do you love most about your school?

“The personalized student experience. The school (teachers, staff, community) knows my child. This means they know when to push and when to pull back. They know how to suggest and guide him outside of his comfort zone. Growth and learning happen not by memorization and forced activities but by offering opportunities to explore, inquire, process, and explain. The teachers are "sneaky,” meaning they are teaching, and the kids don't even realize the process is happening some of the time. I love the community too. Healthy relationships are formed between time spent together in class, extracurriculars, athletics, and clubs. My kid's friend group provides positive support and guidance at a time when relationships are key.” 

What is one word that best describes your school? Tell us why you chose that word.

“Community. A community can be defined as a group of people sharing particular characteristics or values, goals, and attitudes. Truly, this is Bosque School. While there is a strong sense of recognizing the uniqueness of individuals, the Bosque School community shares the following values: lifelong learning, curiosity, integrity, kindness, and learning from environment.” 

In what ways have you seen your child grow and develop as a student because of their experiences at Bosque School?

“I have watched my child grow in his personal recognition of his own academic ability. At Bosque School, the teachers encourage students to continue the learning process by revising and working through assignments. What this means for my kid is that when he turns something in, the first grade is not necessarily his final grade. A mediocre grade does not necessarily reflect him as a student or his understanding of the topic.

"If he didn't quite understand or follow the directions thoroughly enough, this gave him the opportunity to keep working. I love this model because life is about growth—continuing to do better; sometimes, it's putting in more time and effort, and it is always about trying more. It teaches that you don't only have one chance to get it right. Because of his tenacity and willingness to continue working on something, I have witnessed him recognize the return on his efforts and hard work. His pride in his accomplishment is a gift that continues to feed his desire to be a lifelong learner.”

How do you believe Bosque School is preparing your child for college and life?

“I believe that Bosque School is preparing my child for the world. He is learning who he is and what matters to him. He is gaining a solid foundation in academics that will prepare him for any field or path he chooses for his future. More importantly, he is gaining a sense of self and values. He recognizes integrity, effort, compassion, and kindness. He sees that not everyone is the same as him but that we must all find a way to work together and support one another if we are going to have a better world.” 

What would you tell another parent/guardian who is considering Bosque School as an option for their child?

“If you are considering Bosque School, I would ask you to think about the kind of adult you dream your child will become. I can tell you that I know of no other school in New Mexico that is not only providing a strong academic basis for any path past post-secondary education but also prepares them to know themselves and be engaged, thoughtful, curious, and ready for the greater world.”

  • Family Spotlight