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Family Spotlight: The Bell/Dettweiler family—Molly, Josh, Maddy, Leo, and Hazel
  • Family Spotlight

Name: Bell/Dettweiler family—Molly, Josh, Maddy, Leo, and Hazel


Meet the Bell/Dettweiler family — Molly, Josh, Maddy, Leo, and Hazel — as they tell us a bit about their experience at Bosque School. Discover why they chose Bosque for their children, what sets the school apart, and the remarkable growth they've witnessed over the years.

Why did you choose Bosque School for your child?

Our kids came from public and charter elementary schools, but when we were looking for a great middle school, those options either fell short or were in limited supply. 

At Bosque we found teachers who exuded joy and were committed to sparking our kids' curiosity and fostering their love of learning. I could immediately see that Bosque's teachers loved their jobs and that, at Bosque, my kids would feel safe to take risks and discover themselves.

What do you love most about your school?

The teachers!! So many times through the years and for so many reasons, I've felt grateful for the brilliance, commitment, and passion of Bosque School's extraordinary teachers. 

Also, I love that my kids never felt stuck in a box at Bosque. There was room for them to explore model UN, theater tech, robotics, jazz band, tennis, basketball, and more. I know that our youngest (who will become a Bobcat in the fall) will be encouraged to explore her own set of interests.

What is one word that best describes your school? Tell us why you chose that word.


Over the last 12 years that we've been a Bosque family, we've seen our two oldest kids grow and develop into interesting, engaged, articulate, curious individuals. The growth we've witnessed in them has been made possible by this school's commitment to creating a safe place to make mistakes, change course, try again, and build confidence in the process.

In a broader sense, we've also been surprised and deeply grateful for the responsive GROWTH of Bosque school itself. Over the years, we've watched the administration take ownership of their role in kids' lives. Most importantly, we've seen them openly express a desire to do better, to grow with humility, and thoughtfully address the unique needs of kids in today's world. 

As we all know, the world is changing rapidly, and it can feel precarious and unsettling for adolescents and overwhelming for parents. Bosque has really reflected on what kids in 2024 need to develop into the best versions of themselves. They've moved quickly to create and commit to an inclusive environment and to address the profound need for early mental health education and services for their students. 

Our family has benefitted from this growth, and ultimately, Bosque's willingness to grow as an institution has made it the best choice for us to bring our youngest child into this environment.

In what ways have you seen your or children grow and develop as students because of their experiences at Bosque School?

I've watched each of my kids stumble and make adjustments at Bosque. I've seen them falter at times and ultimately meet challenges with so much support and guidance from teachers and administration. I've watched as they've decided how to move forward with a renewed belief in their ability to do better next time. The growth has been completely different for each of them, but in all cases, our family has felt the deep commitment and willingness of the adults at Bosque to be present and supportive cheerleaders. 

How do you believe Bosque School is preparing your child for college and life?

Bosque has played a large role in our two oldest children developing deep self-awareness and in seeing what's possible for them to bring to the world. They are both excited to continue pursuing their passions in adulthood and we attribute their time at Bosque with their clarity and open-minded optimism about their futures.

What would you tell another parent/guardian who is considering Bosque School as an option for their child?

I would say that every child has a different journey and a unique set of lessons they need to learn about themselves to develop into productive, happy, contributing adults. 

For our family, even though our two oldest kids had a completely different set of needs and gifts, Bosque provided an engaging and responsive environment to meet each of them where they were. 
We love this school enough to have our youngest child begin as a 6th grader at Bosque this fall. We are confident that she'll find her own unique path to herself within the challenging and nurturing environment at Bosque School.

  • Family Spotlight