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Last week, our Upper School Spanish classes, led by Señor Andrés, embarked on their exploration of "la cosecha," also known as "the harvest."

To kick things off, our students first took a moment to appreciate the dedication and hard work that had gone into nurturing the Bosque garden, planted last year by Mr. Daly and his students. With gratitude, they gathered chilies, onions, and tomatoes, all in anticipation of an upcoming adventure in crafting delicious salsa.

But this was about more than just culinary creation; it was a cultural journey. As they chopped, mixed, and bonded over their salsa-making, they connected with their heritage, gaining insight into the profound significance of salsa in Hispanic culture.

Looking ahead, their journey continues as they delve deeper into the vocabulary and verbs that revolve around "la cosecha." They'll explore these linguistic facets through the lens of an in-depth scholarly article on the agriculture of "Las Tres Hermanas" The three sisters - beans, corn, squash - and their close companions, chile, avocado, and tomato.

This enriching experience provides our students with the perfect opportunity to respect and celebrate traditions while honing their language skills. At Bosque School, we're committed to fostering these meaningful learning experiences that connect our students with the vibrant world around them.