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Empowering Excellence: The Bosque School Powerlifting Team and Coach Nicholas Soleyn

Bosque School is proud to introduce the new powerlifting team under the expert guidance of Coach Nicholas Soleyn, a seasoned strength and conditioning coach. The initiation of this unique team was not just a professional venture for Coach Soleyn, but a personal one rooted in his commitment to the Bosque School community.

"As a parent with two kids at Bosque School, I wanted to be more involved in the community. When I learned about the initiation of a powerlifting team, I seized the opportunity to contribute," says Coach Soleyn.

With 12 years of experience as a private strength and conditioning coach, Coach Soleyn brings a wealth of knowledge. He is also the editor-in-chief and a staff coach at Barbell Logic Online Coaching, focusing on safe practices and the benefits of strength training.

"I might not have been a stellar powerlifting competitor, but that's what makes me a better coach. I've worked with athletes of all ages and backgrounds, helping them excel in powerlifting and strengthlifting," he shares.

Coach Soleyn's goals for the Bosque School Powerlifting Team extend beyond mere skill development; he envisions a transformative experience for the students. "I want to teach them how to train effectively and safely. Mastering basic barbell lifts and understanding training principles like stress, recovery, and adaptation are key goals."

As for team dynamics, Coach Soleyn believes in the camaraderie forged through shared challenges. "Barbells have a unique way of humbling us all, creating a common ground for empathy and excitement in training. It aligns with the values Bosque instills in its students."

Coach Soleyn emphasizes starting with basic progressive overload training. "Beginning with lighter weights allows students to focus on technique while adhering to the fundamental principle of adaptation." He encourages students to maintain training journals and uses an online app to track progress. "We work together to adjust their training for continued progress," he adds.

Team unity is integral to powerlifting, considering the shared equipment in the weight room. "Everyone has to share, loading and unloading weights, spotting for safety. Despite the challenges, we've accomplished a lot in a single practice session," notes Coach Soleyn. He acknowledges the need for more individualized training and has enhanced Bosque School's Pitre Fitness Center with additional equipment. "While training becomes more individualized, the team still shares common experiences, fostering a positive environment."

The beauty of powerlifting lies in its accessibility. "There's no special training or background needed to start, yet the potential for strength, mobility, and athleticism improvements is significant," says Coach Soleyn. Strength, being the ability to produce force, impacts various aspects of daily life. "It complements all areas of athletics and life, making it a generally useful physical adaptation," he adds. The discomfort in the process of getting stronger becomes a valuable lesson in self-efficacy.

Coach Soleyn welcomes all students, emphasizing the benefits of learning to train safely and properly. "The door is open to anyone who wants to learn or is just curious," he states. Plans for additional equipment and organization aim to provide a welcoming space for new lifters.

"Come check it out! Talk to current team members. Our inaugural year is shaping up to be a great one," Coach Soleyn encourages.

Reflecting on his coaching career, Coach Soleyn shares a cherished memory from his daughter Selah's first powerlifting meet. At eight years old, she became the youngest competitor and still holds the records she set that day. "When our joy for training rubs off on student-athletes, we've spent the day well," he concludes.

As the Bosque School Powerlifting Team gears up for a promising inaugural year, Coach Soleyn's passion and expertise are set to inspire a new generation of student-athletes.